Naran Kaghan Tour

the best vacation travel deal in Pakistan to enjoy holidays in summers, hospitality around the tourist destination Naran Kaghan is the actual delight, adventure sports, skiing options, snowfall, greener plateaus, famous lakes, and organic villages are the key attractions. Enjoy your Naran Kaghan Tour Packages with the best tour itineraries of Naran Kaghan. Comfortable Honeymoon Naran Kaghan tours are also available to spend your memorable time.

Naran Kaghan is one of the most known about by every local tourist in Pakistan. Located in the Mansehra District of Kpk is a densely populated town by summer holidaymakers in Kaghan Valley.

Naran Kaghan tour with incredible sightseeing destination is the best tour for Northern areas of Pakistan. Valley of Kaghan with Lakes like Saiful Malook, Aansoo Lake, and Lulusar Lake with other tourist attractions all around. Greener Meadows in summers along Kunhar river flowing along the valley. River Rafting, ParaGliding are the sports that are on the bank of Kunhar River.

Babusar Top connecting point of Gilgit and Kpk is at a height of 13700ft from sea level. Siri Paye and Shogran are lush greener hill stations of Kaghan Valley. Trekking opportunities are available like a famous trek to Dudipatsar Lake and Ansoo lake. Jalkhad connects Sharda Neelum Valley via Noori Top which is also a tourist Spot.

Naran Tour Inclusions:

– Toyota Corolla – Fuel – Hotel Stay – Tour Guide – Jeeps – Toll Taxes

Naran Kaghan Tour – Islamabad: Pickup from Islamabad via Hazara Express Way, the first spot is Balakot where tourists could have lunch and on 30 minutes drive Kuwai is a good stopover for a tea break, in peak summers there are a lot of waterfalls, water streams due to meltdown of glaciers. Kaghan Bazaar and small shops are good points of attractions. The nightlife of Naran Bazaar is another tourist attraction in Kaghan Valley.
Sightseeing: Kuwai, Shogran, Siri Paye Jeeps Stay: Naran Valley

Naran Kaghan Tour – Lake Saiful Malook: Breakfast in Hotel and prepare for a thrilling jeep drive of 45 minutes which takes you to the mesmerizing lake of Kaghan Valley named Jheel Saiful Malook, you will find storytellers, small tea stalls, and horse riding as fun activities.
Sightseeing: Naran, Saiful Malook Stay: Naran Valley

Naran Kaghan Tour – Babusar Top: Departuring from Naran Bazaar leads to open valley along Kunhar River, the valley is greener, wide with the mountainous landscape, Batakundi is another good point, you could explore Lalzaar as well which is another jeep trek from Batakundi, small attractions like Jalkhad, Lulusar Lake, Babusar top are the best attractions of Kaghan Valley. 
Sightseeing: Batakundi, Jalkhad, Baisal, Lulusar Lake, BabusarTop Stay: Naran

Naran Kaghan tour – Shogran: Breakfast in Hotel and then departure to Visit the Shogran and Siri Paye, Jeep trek of Siri Paye is an adventure, bumpy road passing through pine forest. Paye is lush green meadow, horse riding is real fund activity at Siri Paye.
Sightseeing: Kuwai, Shogran, Siri Paye Stay: Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan Tour – KhanPur Dam: Visit Khanpur Dam and Departure for Islamabad

Naran Kaghan tour from Karachi

An exclusive tour of Naran Kaghan from Karachi for 7-10 days with your families and friends, book your complete hassle-free tour from Karachi to explore the beauty of Naran Kaghan. A road trip of Naran Kaghan exploring Lahore, Islamabad, and Kaghan Valley.