Skardu tour packages:

Skardu is a striking city in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. It is surrounded by Mount Karakoram and the Himalayan-covered Himalayas. There are many hiking, climbing, and climbing routes wrapped in peaceful and serene ranges that make for an adventure. Shangrila resort is located at the foot of these high mountain ranges. This is a luxurious luxury resort where you can stay with one of our Skardu tour packages during your stay.

Skardu is also home to many natural wonders. The cool, dry, high-altitude desert is famous for its unpredictable sand dunes. Another picturesque place is 20 km from Skardu.

To ensure that you can fully absorb the Tin without losing anything, we have created a wide range of options that will maximize your time and use every minute. Flights are also available.

Pakistan Travel Guide Tour Packages:

Skardu tour packages offered by Pakistan Travel Guide is one of the best travel packages in Pakistan in the northern regions of Pakistan. In addition, the Shangrila Skardu and Shangrila Skardu honeymoon travel packages are the most popular honeymoon destinations for couples who spend their personal time on honeymoon packages in Pakistan.

Skardu a Popular Tourist Destination:

  • Skardu Valley is famous for:
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Amazing waterfalls and streams
  • Wonderful Desai National Park (second largest in the world)
  • Stunning rivers
  • Lush green meadows and stunning valleys

Best Place for a Honeymoon:

On the other hand, the autumn season in Skardu Valley is the most chosen among Pakistani travelers and foreigners. In autumn, the whole valley turns golden. Most tourists from abroad come to Skardu in the autumn season to see nature during the golden season.

Honeymoon travel packages Shangrila Skardu Autumn is the most popular honeymoon travel packages. Autumn is the best time for travelers and couples to visit all Skardu destinations, as each place is easily accessible during the autumn season. Couples love to go to Skarda in the autumn to spend the most beautiful time on the most romantic and peaceful destinations in Pakistan.

Best Places to Visit in Skardu Tour:

Skardu is a city in Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, known for its mountainous region. It is surrounded by the highest peaks, which makes it a cool climate. There are a lot of places to visit in Skardu; we have the best places you want to add to your Skardu package.

Shangrila Resort

The resort is built near the lake, making it an ideal place for boating, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Shangrila resort is one of Skardu’s most popular tourist attractions, with a quiet and peaceful setting.

Deosai National Park

If you are in Skardu in summer, this park is worth a visit. This park was originally built to protect the species rarely than animals; it now serves as an entertainment destination for many tourists and locals. If you like colorful flowers and butterflies, then this garden is a spectacular view.

Shigar Valley and Basho Valley

If you like the buzz of flowing valleys, don’t forget to add this beautiful valley to your Pakistan travel package Shigghar Valley, 23 km from Skardu, is located in a village full of delicious fruit. The Shigar Mahal near the valley is also worth a visit.

The Basho Valley is 20 km from Skardu and is known for its greenery. If you are looking for landscaping, this is a captivating place. This place is rich; it has many lush green lawns and waterfalls.

Skardu Sand Dunes

Skardu sand dunes, also known as the Cold Desert, are one of the unique places in Skardu. It is located near two deserts. The Shigara Desert and the Katabana Desert attract many tourists who enjoy hiking and mountain climbing.