Top 10 Places to Visit in Hunza Valley

Enjoying holidays in Hunza is a dream for every Pakistani and now even tourists from other parts of the countries, top list of countries who visit Pakistan are Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe, and Indonesia. We have a list of places and things to do in Hunza in 2020. Plan your tours according to our list of places to visit and enjoy your holidays in a marvelous place with incredible natural beauty and culture to explore. Hunza is now the global tourist’s attraction you will see every second tourist will be a foreigner and now Britain issued a positive travel advisory for visiting Northern areas of Pakistan.

  1. Rakaposhi and its View Point

While leaving Gilgit City an hour drive at KKH there is a point known as Rakaposhi View Point, A small place where we can gaze Rakaposhi. Blue sky and mountain covered with snow is the first attraction of Hunza Valley.

rakaposhi view point

PC :: Hasan Ijaz

  1. Karimabad

Karimabad well known due to diversity of Culture where ancient rulers feel proud to rule. People of Karimabad had Smiling Faces, Modern life style, small colonies, welcoming gestures, community base system). Tourists love the way, how people of Karimabad live, “that make the Karimabad, a hot destination of Pakistan”.

Foreign and local tourist enjoy their time being there, attractive to sentry children playing football and gazing tourists wondering to explore sites. In Hunza Valley, “Karimabad is sweetheart to sight”.


  1. Altit fort

We are not going to discuss the history of Altit fort but ardent to guide you people the attractions of Altit fort. While entering into gates of Altit Fort there is a beautiful garden of Cherries with orchard of apricots, lush green grass, walk way and beautifully design small cafes and an ancient fort.

Royal Garden Hunza Valley

Royal Garden Hunza Valley

Altit fort designed to give a panoramic view of valley where in ancient times people used to trade silk and other goods. Armies keep an eye on the track, who is going through the roads, royal kings and the queens had their royal rooms and community centers. ALTIT FORT is proof of best architectural knowledge what people of Hunza Valley devour.altit fort

  1. Baltit fort

The 750+ years old fort depicts the traditional Tibetan and Balti architectural heritage. The fort is now a museum open for all for visiting. Traditional events like Bofao and Ginani are also held at the fort. The best thing about the fort is that unlike many other forts in the regions, it has a great variety of antiques and equipment of olden days displayed inside the fort.In Hunza the Baltit Fort deserves a significant place.



  1. Eagle Nest Hunza

One of the highest peak where from whole Hunza could be sighted, on right side there is a peak known as Lady finger and on right side we can view the Rakaposhi.

View of Hunza Valley From Eagle Nest

View of Hunza Valley From Eagle Nest

  1. Attabad lake Hunza Valley

A disaster turned Hunza River into a beautiful lake, few years back in a landslide two mountains meet together and stopped the passage of Hunza River which later turned into Hunza Lake.

The length of this lake is about 29.3 Kilometers and started from a small village known as Ganish.

PC :: Furqan LW

PC :: Furqan LW

  1. Passu

The most romantic place at Hunza Valley is Passu. Every year thousands of tourists rush to explore this mesmerizing small town.

A small hotel name Passu Inn is located there, which is chilled, cool and silent place. Excellent food, the taste you never forget. Whenever you go there you must stay for at least 10 days. You will be in love with this place

passu village hunza valley

  1. Rush lake

Rush lake is about 5000m plus height and one of the highest alpine lake in the world. Very difficult trek only expert trekkers and mountaineers are advised to visit there.

Not original Image of Rush Lake

Not original Image of Rush Lake

  1. Gojal Village

People of Gojal are the loving, live-hearted and cultural blessed people which are tuned into mesmerizing voices and skilled instrumental players.


  1. Sust Border

Sost a beautiful village on edge of Pakistan-China Border where thousands of tourists come to explore its mightiness. Pak-China border the initial trade point where trade facilitation center is located, trucks from china dump their goods at this place. Sost is the last point of Hunza Valley.

sost valley hunza

Top 10 Places to visit in Hunza Valley

1.Rakaposhi and its View Point
3.Altit fort
4. Baltit fort
5.Eagle Nest Hunza
6. Attabad lake Hunza Valley
7. Passu
8.Rush lake
9.Gojal Village
10.Sust Border

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