Top 10 places to visit in Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is a famous tourist destination among local people in Pakistan; pictorial view of the valley is like the valley of landscape, Cedarwood forests, waterfalls, Neelum River, panoramic view and the culture.

Neelum valley was the most visited tourist destination in Pakistan in 2020 when twenty hundred thousand tourists visited the valley. CEO of Pakistan Travel Guide said in an interview that they have seen the record tourists surge in that year; occupancy was 400% which created a drastic problem for tourists as well as local government to handle such mass tourism. Now Pakistan’s government and also the government of AJK are working on ECO-friendly and sustainable tourism in Pakistan, Neelum Valley is lacking facilities but still, tourists enjoy their stay in the valley.

1.Baboon Valley

Baboon Valley is unexplored by mass tourism in Pakistan; valley consists of meadows, water streams, dense forests and moderate climate in summers. Few heard stories from travelers are that the place is dream location where one can hike; explore unmatched beauty and the fresh air at Baboon valley.

Best time to Visit Baboon Valley:

In June you will see glaciers and temperature around 10 Degree Celsius, new fresh breezes of spring welcoming summers. We will recommend you to visit between June to September.

 How to reach Baboon Valley:

There is two possible way to reach Baboon Valley one from Kutton Jagran and other from Upper Neelum, the road from the Jagran side is newly constructed wherefrom the Upper Neelum side there is jeep trek of almost 3 hrs. Young backpackers use motorbikes to reach there in summers but should go with the group as per our opinion.

Baboon Valley Azad Kashmir

Baboon Valley in Neelum AJK

 2. Patlian Lake

Unexplored lake with lifetime adventure, one should visit once in a lifetime, Patlian lake is on the height of 13450ft from sea level. Neelum Valley is famous for alpine glaciers lakes and Patlian is one of them.

How to Reach Patlian Lake :

From Keran to Lawat is 3 Kilometers drive and from Lawat to Patlian Lake it is 15 kilometers which are of 2.5 to 3 hrs drive, the road is hilly and unpaved.

Patlian Lake Neelum Valley3.Chitta Katha Lake

Alpine Glaciers Lake the most beautiful lake of Pakistan, located in Shunter valley at height of 13500ft, called Chitta Katha due to its white waters maybe because of lime, heaven for trekkers and travelers around Pakistan. It’s unmatched beauty and the most attractive lake of Neelum Valley

How to reach Chitta Katha Lake:

The lake is accessible from Kel by a 20 kilometers (12 mi) jeep track and then 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) hiking trek. Kel is the base camp to this lake.

Chitta Katha Lake

4.Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali is located in Neelum Valley and is of 3 hours jeep drive on the trek of 15 kilometers bumpy road having roadside glaciers and water streams, the best time to visit Ratti Gali is in August where it’s beauty will be on the peak. locals created a base camp to facilitate tourists. 

Ratti Gali Lake

5. Arrang Kel 

The lush green meadow where humans are habituated, an eye-opener for every traveler as it’s the gift of almighty Allah to human beings. No road linking to the village just a cable car to connect with Kel, mountains covered with snow and the glaciers, water streams all around. Giant trees and an 80’s model truck are the real fascinations, it’s a total natural wonder one should explore while the visit to Neelum Valley. 

arrang kel

6. Taobutt

Gurez Valley with small villages like Helmet, Sardari, Phulawai, Janwai and Toabut, these small but beautiful villages are situated along Neelum River. Small Wooden huts with corn crops are the real fascination. The road is bumpy and of 4×4 but this place is for adventure seekers. Hotels are restaurants that are not of that much to facilitate tourists but small lodges and dhabbas are for food. 

Best Time to Visit Toabutt

Toabutt road remains closed for at least 6 months, the road opens in mid-June and the best season is from July to September for visiting Toabutt. 

Taobutt Neelum Valley

7. Sharda Neelum Valley

Well known for Sharda University in the era of Hinduism late in 18’s century, still the remains of Sharda University exists in the town. Sharda is a very calm destination of Neelum Valley for relaxing, every year thousands of tourists came to Sharda for exploring its natural beauty and the moderate temperature. People of Sharda are friendly in nature they offer you hospitality as they have not very much to offer. Cheap fares of hotels with normal facilities, still a worthy natural place to explore. 

sharda neelum valley

sharda neelum valley

8. Keran 

Keran Neelum Valley9. Upper Neelum 

upper neelum10 Kutton

Best resort in Neelum Valley

List of places to visit in Neelum valley 

  1. Baboon valley
  2. Patlian lake
  3. Chita Katha lake
  4. Ratti Gali lake
  5. Arrang Kel
  6. Toabutt
  7. Sharda
  8. Keran
  9. Upper Neelum 
  10. Kutton 

Video of places to visit in Neelum Valley


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  • Qaiser sheikh 22 / 08 / 2016

    I visited Neelam valley from early Aug. 2016
    and found are rrally heaven on earth .
    Peoples are very polite and copprative .
    Hotels are not very fine but reasonable .Goods and services are not expensive .
    Arangkel is most beautiful and lovely place to visit.

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