Naukot village leepa valley


 Naukot is an alluring and beautiful valley in Leepa Valley, which lies at an elevation of 2,133 metres (6,998 feet). It is the ancestral home-town of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan). It is accessible through Reshian and Dao Khan. It is 105 kilometres (65 miles) away from Muzaffarabad (the capital of Azad Kashmir) and it is located along the Line of Control (LOC). It is 8 kilometres away from main bazar of Leepa and it remains snow-stricken throughout the winter season. The tourist season starts from May till November.

Leepa Valley is a former Princely State of Azad Kashmir and it is connected to Muzaffarabad through Naili, Reshian Gali (elevation: 3,200 metres) and up to Dao Khan where downward journey gets started towards the Leepa Valley (elevation: 1,677 metres).

Naukot is very fertile and rich Valley and its real charm lies in its rice fields which are real summer treat. The variety of its rice especially the “red” rice is its specialty. Its tasty, mouth-watering and aromatic fruits especially Cherry and Apple are all time favorite. The wooden structure of the houses in the valley is the master-piece of the typical Kashmiri architecture. The Walnut of Leepa is widely appreciated everywhere and is even exported to the various countries of the world. Every family of Naukot has an asset of walnut trees in its possession and they earn a handsome profit from its export. Their living standard is significantly higher than that of the people of other areas of the Valley. Besides its Walnut, Cheery and Apple, the valley produces best quality honey.

Majority of the people (up to 90%) in Naukot area are Kashmiri speaking; Hindko is spoken here as well. However Urdu is spoken and understood widely. The population of the valley consists of 75,000 inhabitants and their earning source rely on farming, cattle rearing, business and marketing (walnut, fruits, honey) and tourists services. They are mainly self-employment.

There is a small hydro-electric project in the Leepa Valley and it is producing 2MW electricity. The electricity, generated here, is supplied to the local population.

The highest peak is of the Leepa Valley is Shamsa Bari, which remains snow-capped all the year round.

A metaled road along the right bank of River Jhelum leads to Reshian through Muzaffarabad, Garhi Dupatta, Dhanni Baqalan, Hattian Bala, Neili and Saien Bagh, Reshian, Dao Khan and finally the Leepa Valley. From here, Naukot is only 8 kilometres away to the main bazar of the Leepa Valley.

From Reshian, the gateway to the valley, there are three different routes which reach to Leepa;

  1. The Defence Road, which connects with the valley at Hanjna.
  2. Barthwar Gali.
  • Bali Camp.


A Tourist Rest House and the Forest Rest House are providing accommodation facilities to the tourists. But their number increase manifolds, Tourism Department of AJK provides them with Tent Service as a substitute.

Naukot village leepa valley

100 year old wooden house

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