Team Building Activities for Day away


Scavenger Hunt:

All the participants would be randomly divided into four/five groups. A color would be assigned to each team of which they would be wearing wrist ribbons of. The teams would decide their own names and slogans as-well.

After the teams are ready and pumped, they would be provided a list of 20 interesting team buildingactivities to do (according to the venue) of which the teams have to complete at-least 15 in 1 and a half hour. The first team to do at-least 15 wins. A lot of the activities in between are humorous, exciting and would leave the teams with a lot of memories to take back home. E.g taking a picture of the entire team’s shadow in the air (while jumping).


Teams would gather together, in a competitive environment all the members would be gathered around the middle for 15 minute-to-win-it games. For each little competition one team member would step up while the rest of the team would be cheering and rooting for their player. For each little game the team would get one point. The team with most points by the end of the game wins. The activities are easy and interesting, e.g. Mummify a team mate with tissue roll in 1 minute, or Coke Monster.


For this game, the teams will settle down in silence, and there will be a set of 30 questions which require humor, good IQ and a good memory of previous events to be answered correctly. It’ll be a classic competition where the fastest team to blow the whistle gets to answer first. Each question carries one point and the team with the most points by the end wins.


A Tug of war tournament would be all about the team with strength and endurance. Swinging drastically out of the corporate culture this game may sound absurd but the adrenaline rush backed by intense competition makes it one of the most classic competitive team building battle of all time.

Karaoke Night:

A guitar player and a keyboard player will be playing music in the background and it’ll be a free-for-all activity for anyone to come on stage and sing their heart out to their favorite songs.

We can turn this into a competition as well and give it a funny name like “Local Idol”.

Music night:

Live music acts can be arranged for a relaxing evening of your favorite genre (e.g Sufi, bhangra, pop rock). We also have various known artists on our panel that can be arranged for a concert.


Tambola is another name for the game of Bingo. The rules are very simple in this game of chance and any number of people can play, making it a popular game for large gatherings where people get the chance to win various prizes.


Conducting an archery event will be one of the unique activities we can bring to the people. It will include proper training for each individual, and then later we can commence into a tournament where each individual will get an equal chance to take part in the tournament. The winner will be rewarded with exotic prizes.

Parlour Games:

For every game round won by a team, the team wins one pendant. Team with most pendants in one hour wins prizes.

◦Dumb Charades: A game in which words and phrases are expressed by a player without saying anything. And their team mates are to guess the word. The word is randomly designated to each team. The team to guess the word in the shortest period wins.

◦Movie Trivia: The teams are given a few clues for every movie and the team to guess the most out of them wins.

◦20 Questions: One player is chosen to be the answerer. That person chooses a subject (object) but does not reveal this to opposite team. The opposite team players are questioners. They each take turns asking a question which can be answered with a simple “Yes“, “No or “Maybe”. If the team guesses the subject in 20 questions, they win.

– Small board and card games can also be included for the people in their idle time.

– Can also include sports items in case someone wants to play volleyball, football or cricket.

– If the venue allows, we can also build a large bonfire everyone can sit around and enjoy their meals, music or tea.

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