5 reasons to visit Sharda Neelum Valley

  1. Peaceful river with awesome landscapes 

Sharda Neelum Valley is famous just because of it’s peaceful river flowing around village, on your visit to Sharda Neelum Valley you should invest 20 minutes to be seated on bank of river to enjoy it’s peacefulness.

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2. Cheeky Climate 

Cheeky Climate means if it’s sunny in early hours then it will be rainy at afternoon. 24 Celsius in afternoon get turns into 17 Celsius at Night. Gazing of Stars at night is one of the dreamy situation for everyone.


3. White Snowy Village

In season of winter you will find snow at sharda , everything will seem snowy all around. Thousands of tourist rush towards sharda valley to explore it’s mightiness in season of winter.


4. Blue Gem of Sharda 

Sharda River is Blue Gem of Sharda. you may find the blue water with clear visibility of stones in it. Sharda is famous for it’s fish.

five reasons to visit sharda neelum valley

5. Hiking & Trekking

Hiking towards ruins of sharda is a fascinating thing, trekking towards Ground of sharda  (Maidaan) is another awesome thing to do.

sharda view

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