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Rush Lake is a high-altitude lake in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan located near Rush Pari Peak (5,098 metres/16,726 feet). Its height is 4,694 meters (15,400 feet) and it is 25th highest lakes in the world. It is situated about 15 kilometres (9 miles) in the North of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak), in the Nagar Valley.

Rush Lake and Rush Peak can be reached through Hopper Glacier (Bualtar Glacier) in Nagar Valley, Miar Glacier and Phuparash Peak. The track to the Rush Lake is tough and not everyone can reach the lake with ease. Tourists can over-look the Spantik, Malubiting, Miar Peak, Phuparash Peak and Ultarsar Peak from the lake.

Mair Glacier

The lake remains frozen and covered with white-sheet of snow in the winters because all the surrounding Mountain Peaks are snow-capped even in the summer. In the winters the Rush Lake becomes nearly unreachable due to heavy snowfall and only a few tourists can manage to reached the heaven on earth, harsh weather and snowy-roads make it inaccessible.

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