Palas Valley in Kohistan

Let start from Besham.15 kilometres approx from Besham you will reach Dobair Bazaar(a kohistani settlement) on KKH.25 km(approx)from Dibair Bazaar there is a village name PATTAN.There is a bridge across the indus at the same place and a difficult jeep track from here will lead you to the the magical valley of Palas.
Although Lower Palas valley is accessible from Jeep but Upper Palas valley is inaccessible but as you know that the beauty is always Hidden.Lower Palas is no doubt a magical place with its forests and uncounted meadows.But the place in Picture is called “Ledi” located in upper Palas valley.The meadows of Ledi and Palas are popular among locals too and some meadows and pastures of Palas Valley are still the cause of cold wars between the tribes of Allai valley and Palas.Allai valley is just at the east of Palas.

Some points to remember.

1.The track towards lower Palas valley Is still in very rogh conditions that why only jeeps can go not cars.
2.To go to upper Palas valley you will require a good can also asks locals for a way to reach upper palas on foot.
3.There is no domestic and foreign tourism here in Palas will see no tourists around you.
4.Hotels are also not present for resting.
5.All you have with are your camps.So camps are necessary.
6.Even very few Local lives in upper Palas valley with some more living in Lower palas valley but they are all in all nothing as compared to number of villages in Kaghan valley.
7.Peoples of Palas do not want their women to be seen by any outsider and sometime it become difficult to deal with the peoples.
8.You will find sometime hard to even take be prepared for it.Never aimed your camera towards villages.
9.I have heard that nowadays tourism is growing slowly in Palas Valley although i dont know the real situation now.

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