Pakistan as Travel Destination in 2019

Summers 2019 most favorite season for tours to Pakistan,in winters 2019 we observed heavy snowfall compared to last 17 years, from November – March every month with 2 or 3 spells of Snowfall. This year spring blossoms will be on time, in April we will have full spring swing. Most Beautiful destinations for the spring are Hunza and Muzaffarabad.

Banjosa Lake beautiful view
view of banjosa lake

Gilgit Baltistan

Summer season will be from May-August, greenery will be on peak, Gilgit Baltistan where beauty will be touching sky, Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi will be covered with Snow where Karimabad / Gojal and other parts will be greener and had moderate temperature While lake will reflect the blue waters spells.

Baltaro Glacier
Camping with the view of Baltoro Glacier

Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir, the hidden and unexplored beauty on earth will be open for foreign tourists for the very first time since 1947, greener valleys like Neelum and Jhelum will have full greenery with streams running water. Pakistan Travel Guide is offering 10+ tour packages to Azad Kashmir.

Picture of Azad Kashmri
Beautiful Picture of Azad Kashmir

Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan will be open in May 2019, glaciers could be seen till late June and even 1st few weeks of July. Saif ul Malook will open in June Mid with full swing of it’s beauty, blue water, glaciers , cool breezes, panoramic view with fairy tales. Kaghan most visited destination will be Batakundi, Baisal and Babusar Top.

Dudipatsar Lake
Dudipatsar Lake KPK

Swat and Chitral

Swat and Chitral will be the other destinations where infrastructure like roads, hotels with services may attract thousands of tourists this year. Kalam and newly explored lake will be the point of attraction for summer 2019.

Pakistan Tour Packages 2019

Mahudand Lake
Beautiful view of Mahudand Lake

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