Chikkar The Premier Hidden Tourist Hill station

Chikkar a small hill station on distance of 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad (Capital of Azad Kashmir). It’s beautiful hill station with good temperature, landscapes, green fields.

  •  Accessibility
  • Accommodation and Guest Houses
  • Town and Villages
  • Lakes


  • Accessibility

45 kilometers distance of Chikkar village could been covered just only in 55 minutes. Roads are well paved and carpeted. Public transport is also available. Hiking treks are also available.

  • Accommodation and Guest Houses 

Two Guest Houses are available at Chikkar Village

  1. AJK Tourism Guest House 

A beautiful guest house constructed by Department of Tourism in 2016. Guest house had 10 rooms with all of basic facilities available in it.

Chikar Guest house

Photo By Muqi Creations

Facilities :

  • Number of Rooms = 10
  • TV Launch
  • Mini Bar in Rooms
  • Solar powered Electricity Backup
outer look of chikar guest house

photo by muqi creations

rooms of chikar guest housechikar-guest-house-washrooms

  • Town and Villages 
  1. First town on way to Chikkar is Gari Dupatta, Gari Duppata is small town along Jhelum River.
  2. Second Town is Chattian which is also a small stay at place.
  3. Third town is Dhani
  • Lakes

Zilzal Lake is one of the famous tourist attraction at Chikkar.

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