Cuisines of Naran- Kaghan Valley

cuisines of swat valleyKaghan Valley is a popular resort while summer season. Tourists often want to know about the foods beverages in the touring place. Kaghan Valley has many hotels and restaurants , which are well versed with the needs of the tourists. Here are some of food items, which you can enjoy in hotels of Kaghan Valley, during your trip to the Valley.

Chicken/Mutton Karahi:

Chicken Karahi or Mutton Karahi is a famous dish in Pakistan. It is prepared with mueatingtton or chicken meat and it is popular for its spicy taste. It is called Karahi, because of its cooking utensil, a Karahi (wok)

Chicken/Mutton Biryani:

Biryani is a traditional Pakistani dish and it is made by Basmati Rice with meat or vegetables. Its origin is not found yet it often relates to North India; Delhi (Mughlai cuisine) and Lucknow (Awadhi cuisine). Its rich taste and aroma of flavors, makes it the most popular dish of the whole region. Many recipes of biryani, are offered at the eating out places.

Chicken Roast:

This dish is Chinese origin, and very popular even in the house-hold feasts. It is a simple and easy yet a delicious and aromatic dish. It takes much less preparation and cooking time. It is marinated in in spices and roasted in the oil, in oven, on coal or in steam; and served with Naan, Raita and salad.

Chicken/Mutton Handi:

Chicken (also mutton, beef) Handi is traditional Pakistani dish and popular in all regions of the country. This delicious and tasty dish consists of boneless meat, yogurt, cream and spices.

Trout Fish:

Trout likes to live in freshwater lakes or rivers. The rainbow trout which may either lives in fresh water or spends two or three years in sea, then returns to fresh water. A rainbow trout which spends time in the ocean is called a steelhead.

It is a common fish for hunting in Pakistan, especially in Kaghan Valley. Tourists like fishing, then mostly grilled it. On the contrary, hotels in Kaghan offer a variety of recipies to the customers.

Fast Food:

There are many fast food corners in Kaghan Valley, which offer a vast variety of burgers, shawarma, macaroni, etc.

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