cuisines of swat valley

Pakistani cuisine is influenced by Middle Eastern and Central Asian cooking traditions. It is somewhat similar to the North Indian cuisines and is mainly meat-dominated.
Pakistani cuisines have a vast diversity, from region to region, which is a clear reflection of the country’s ethnic and cultural diverse heritage. Punjabi and Sindhi recipes are richly seasoned and spicy, which is an attribution of the South Asian regional cuisines. In other parts of Pakistan; Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) also have different meals, which are under regional influences.

Swati cuisines are mainly influenced by Pashtun’s cuisines; their main feature is Rice dishes and Kebabs. Lamb meat is more prominent in Pashtun cuisines. Rice Haleem, Chapli Kebab, Tika and Mutton/Lamb/Chicken Karahi, including Peshaweri cuisines, are popular among Swati People. Their traditional cuisines are non-spicy. Pakistani meal course consists of three meals daily; i.e., Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Here are some of food items, which you can enjoy in hotels of Swat, during your trip to the Valley.

Chicken/Mutton/Lamb Karahi:

Chicken Karahi, gosht Karahi or Karahi Chicken is a famous dish in Pakistan. It is prepared with mutton, lamb or chicken meat and it is popular for its spicy taste. It is called Karahi, because of its cooking utensil, a karahi (Wok).

Chapli Kebab:

Chapli Kebabs, popularly known as Peshawari Chapli Kebabs are well-known Pakistani dish that is very delicious in taste. It is a traditional of Pakistani recipe and often serves with Imili chatni (tamarind sauce) or green chatni (mint/green chilli sauce).

Charsi Tikka:

Charsi Tikka is a famous dish of Afghanistani cuisine, due to its tasty flavor.
Charsi Tikka is a fine blend of Persian and Afghani cuisine and commonly available in the Swat Valley.

Chicken/Mutton Biryani:

Biryani is a traditional Pakistani dish and it is made by Basmati Rice with meat or vegetables. Its origin is not found yet it often relates to North India; Delhi (Mughlai cuisine) and Lucknow (Awadhi cuisine). Its rich taste and aroma of flavors, makes it the most popular dish of the whole region

Kabuli Palaw:

Kabuli Palaw or Afghani Pulao is savory dish. It is traditional Afghani cuisine of Central Asian origin and a national dish of Afghanistan. It is made with cauliflower, cabbage, carrots and nuts. Originally it is cooked with large pieces of lamb.


It is popular dish of Balochistan origin. It is made with whole lamb or chicken, marinated with salt only; stuffed with rice and roasted over coal embers. It is served with a special bread, called “Kaak”, baked in oven “tandoor”.

Shinwari Chicken/Mutton/Lamb Karahi:

It belongs to Shinwari Tribe, which is found in Nangarhar Provine of Afghanistan and in Landi Kotal area of FATA. This dish is made by meat i.e., mutton, beef, chicken or lamb. Pashtuns are mainly meat lovers, so it enriches with all the aroma and fragrant flavors to satiate their taste buds.

Chicken Roast:
This dish is Chinese origin, and very popular even in the house-hold feasts. It is a simple and easy yet a delicious and aromatic dish. It takes much less preparation and cooking time. It is marinated in in spices and rosted in the oil, in oven, on coal or in steam; and served with Naan, Raita and salad.

Chicken/Mutton/Lamb Handi:
Chicken (also mutton, beef or lamb handi) Handi is traditional Pakistani dish and popular in all regions of the country. This delicious and tasty dish consists of boneless meat, yogurt, cream and spices.

Titanic Ice Cream:
It is decorated with Bunties or chocolate and available for the kids in different flavors.

There is a variety of breads available in Swat. Some of them are; Chapatti, Naan, Kaak, Roti, Sheermaal, Taftan, Partha, Puri and Tandoori Bread.

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