Chikar Azad Kashmir

A small Town in Azad kashmir “Chikar”.

Chikar is a beautiful lush Greenland situated near capital of Azad Kashmir named Muzaffarabad. It’s a small town with mild temperature in summer and very famous tourist’s attraction blessed with streams and springs. Local community of Chikar is very generous, loving, caring and welcoming to tourist. Government Tourist resort is constructed to facilitate tourists.

We offer tours to Chikar, Sudhan Gali, Ganga Choti and bringing more and more tourists to valley of Chikar. We are hoping in next five years Chikar will be a famous tourist spot for domestic tourists.

In Chikar there is a big market available for purchasing household items.

Hiking towards mountains is one of the big attraction.

  • 45 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad
  • 2 Guest Houses available
  • Places for family and Group tour packages
  • Mild temperature in Summer


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Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land blessed with enormously rich historical heritage, diverse culture, high adventure, and unmatched natural beauty. From the relics of famous Civilizations of Gandhara and Indus to gigantic icy peaks, lush green valleys, meadows and lakes of crystal clear waters, we offer a unique and contrasted destination to behold the caravan of mankind across ages and precious beauties of nature, to the tourists of the world.

Promoted Places for Tourism in Pakistan

-> Neelum Valley

-> Naran Kaghan

-> Deosai

-> Hunza

-> Skardu

-> Gilgat

-> Murree

Tourism in pakistan

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Tour Guide to Pakistan

Nestling in the lapse of the Himalayas, Northern areas of Pakistan has very generously being blessing with scenic beauty.It’s snow covered peaks, dense forests, winding rivers, trubulent streams, sweet-scented valleys, velvet green plateaus, climate varying from arctic to tropical, all together make it an excellent tourist resort. valley like Swat valley, Skardu, Hunza, Deosai, Naran & Kaghan, Azad Kashmir unfold delightful scenic beauty and provide a feast of pleasure to discerning tourist’s eyes.

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