Pakistan is Happiest Country than India | World Wide Index

Pakistani’s are considered happier than the Indians, Pakistan ranked 67 while India is at 140, Pakistan had various crises (Economic, Leadership, Political instability, corruption ) but still, they are considered happiest than Indians. After the army’s operation against militancy and leadership of Imran Khan things are changing now! 2020 is considered to be the most important year for Pakistan, business friendliness and tourism, both promoting a good image of Pakistan worldwide. People living in Pakistan are hospitable and friendly they know how to live happily in difficult times.

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5 unusual and unique hotels to stay in Northern Pakistan

Visiting Northern areas of Pakistan, you will able to find an intoxicating adventure with 5 unusual stay overs, it boosts some sensational and rather unusual places to stay. So, whether you are a tourist or a seasoned traveler looking for a new experience or you’re planning your first exploration of the north, our collection of spoiling tents, Glamps and wooden huts will help you spice your trip.

  1. Glamp Pakistan at Katpana Desert Skardu

Glamp Pakistan is located in Katpana Desert Skardu, it’s a different stayover in Gilgit Baltistan with huts + camps. Overall reviews are Excellent on Tripadvisor and Facebook.

Glamp Pakistan in Skardu Katpana Desert

2. Sweet Tooth Hunza

Located at Attabad lake Hunza, is a unique hotel with a view of the lake, a must-visit place in Gilgit Baltistan.

Sweet tooth hunza

3. Greywalls Naran

Located in Jheel Road Naran, one of the coziest places to live, an offering is Jeep Safari to Lake Saif ul Malook, Cycling.

Greywalls Hotel Naran

4. Walnut Height Kalam

Walnut heights Kalam is a luxury wooden structure hotel in Kalam, 5-star facilities, the view is beautiful.

Walnut Height Kalam

5.Luxus Hotel Hunza

Luxus Hotel Hunza located on Attabad Lake and it’s a luxury hotel with all special amenities and the view of Lake.

Luxus hotel Hunza


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5 small businesses for locals in Northern areas Pakistan | Pakistan Travel Guide

5 small business ideas for locals living in Northern areas of Pakistan where thousands of tourists rush each year to explore the beauty, culture, and cuisines. Benefits of tourism are that it uplifts the economy of that destination, pressures governments to invest in road infrastructures, mainstream media gives coverage to that place, big investors come to that place for investments in hotels. Current government regime completely focuses on the tourism sector of Pakistan, Chinese have invested in road infrastructure so there are some opportunities for locals to set up a few businesses in Northern areas of Pakistan. 

1.Local Cuisine Tuck Shop  

With a small investment, one can make a small tuck shop to sell tea, Pakoras, Samosas, local traditional cuisine like if you are in Gilgit Hunza you can sell local traditional foods like Local soups, Manthoo, Chapshuro, etc. Sale of these items is on a high note and one can earn thousands on a single day. On our tours to Gilgit Baltistan, we often stay at these local Dhabbas for refreshment and they had very strong offerings that give a taste of uniqueness

2.Handicraft selling  

Tourists who visit Northern areas are very interested in buying souvenirs for their friends and family or they want to have a memory along with them. In PTDC Skardu you will see people from Lahore have a handicrafts shop selling different handicrafts, these items are very cheap to buy but sales at high rates because no one can value these products as they are mostly handmade. 

3.Local Tourist Guide

Become a local tourist guide, offer people to tell stories, help them find tourist attractions, food stalls, museums, good hotels, locate the transport. You need to have very strong connections with hotels, restaurants and tp know each tourist spot, we must say you need to know the art of selling the best experiences to your clients.

4.Adventure Sports Shop

Sell adventure goods to tourists, like cycling on rent, hiking shoes, skiing types of equipment, hiking sticks, binocular, local maps, Imported jackets, freebies, Ludo Games, etc. Adventure sports shops are famous all around the world and they are earning a handy amount in peak season. For locals, it’s easy to maintain the shop, could do the B2B venture with an online sports shop in Karachi/Lahore and Islamabad. 

5.Airbnb Rentals

A new term of guest house rental is turning the rooms of your house into guest rooms offering basic amenities. We have seen this trend becoming very famous in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir where locals turning their houses in rental guest rooms at the peak season of summers. Maybe in Hunza, this trend will be more successful in the near future. 

Pakistan Tour Packages are available for Northern areas of Pakistan in 2020, best price guaranteed with 100% quality services. Check out our review on Facebook and TripAdvisor.

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8 Places to Visit in Hunza Valley 2020

8 Places which are must-see on your tour to Hunza Valley, Hunza valley had natural beauty, cultural sites, good infrastructure, luxury hotels. 4 Seasons destination where in Spring you will able to see cherry blossoms, in summers you have the moderate temperature, in Autumn best to see the colors of nature and in winters frozen lakes.

8 Places to Visit on Tour to Hunza Valley in 2020
  1. Altit Fort
  2. Baltit Fort
  3. Eagles Nest
  4. Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  5. Attabad Lake
  6. Passu Cones
  7. Khunjerab Pass
  8. Rakaposhi View Point

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Plan your winter snowfall tour in Pakistan ?

Planning a winter vacation is not an easy task, always well plan your trip specially if you are travelling from Karachi or Lahore. We had few questions which answered by travel experts, answers may help you in managing your trip.

1. Places to Visit in Pakistan for winter season ?

2. Best rental services being a tourist ?

3. Economical and Best hotels to stay in Winter season ?

4. How to stay healthy during traveling ?

Top 5 Places to visit in Pakistan for winter Season ?

1. Murree

**Malaka e Kohsar** is best known tourist destination in winter season due to it’s easy approach, good road infrastructure and super easy to survive during peak snow season. From 5 star hotels to small Airbnb guest houses each and every facility available to enjoy the snow season in Murree.

2. Malam Jabba

New road infrastructure and hotel lease to private sector with zip line and chairlift facility, Malam Jabba has it’s own attraction for tourists. In peak winters Malam Jabba is the main attraction for skiers to play and enjoy with accommodation at 5 star hotel.

3. Pir Chinasi

45 minutes drive from capital of Azad Kashmir most scenic destination which comes with panoramic views, neat n clean curly road and the dense forests. 9200ft from sea level is the best during winter due to snow covered peaks and the shrine on top.

4. Shogran

4 seasons destination of pine forests and paye meadows is the fourth most visited destination of Pakistan, jeep trek from Kuwai to Shogran, in rains snow is the must to fall from December to March.

5. Hunza

With freezing cold temperatures, every peak covered with snow, Attabad lake freeze to ice is the mainly attraction to sight, always bring extra warm clothes as temperature go down to -25 Celsius.

2. Best rental services being a tourist ?

Driver is the most important element of tour, should be expert and well-behaved. Always see the rating of rental company, don’t take granted of chauffeur services as it could ruin your trip. Choose the vehicle of new model which eliminates the risk of any mechanical problem during tour.

3. Economical and Best hotels to stay in Winter season ?

while choosing a hotel you must consider few important things, central heating should be your first choice or at least hotel to have a Electric Heaters avoid Gas heaters.
Hot water is the second mandatory choice will make your trip a good one, ask of hot water before booking your hotel.
Checkout hotel reviews as others feedback matters.

4. How to stay healthy during traveling ?

To remain warm always use inner warmers, mufflers, gloves, sunglasses, Jackets and avoid sudden temperature changes for your body.
Drink Luke warm water don’t ever drink cold water which increases risk of throat infections.
Use Anti vomiting medicine as per doctors prescription.
In extreme cold situation use masks.

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Naran Kaghan

A famous person once said“Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.” This is absolutely true because discovering new places has a charm and beauty of its own and is an adventure unlike any other. Moreover, seeing new places and having new experiences has a great effect on a person, both mentally and physically.

The geography of Pakistan as a country is quite diverse and includes many types of terrains ranging from beautiful beaches to plains, from lush arid lands to deserts, from mountains to vast plains and forests. The flora and fauna is quite diverse as well. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Pakistan throughout the year and recently the government has taken many steps to increase tourism in the country.
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One of the most popular tourist destinations of the country is Naran Kaghan which attracts both Pakistani and foreign tourists almost throughout the year. Naran is a small village located inside the Kaghan valley and one of the most famous places for tourism in the region. The Kaghan valley is situated in KhyberPakhtunkwa (KPK). Naran is fomous for a number of things like the picturesque scenery, trout fishing, the small walking tracks surrounding water stream sides, Lake Saif al Muluk, AnsooJheel and MalikaParbat.By some nature enthusiasts it is dubbed as “heaven on earth” also.

Naran has many hotels and hostels to cater to needs of the tourists that come to visit this beautiful landscape according to their income groups.If the tourists feel like it, they can also set up their own tents in the form of camps instead of paying money for accommodation. There are some hotels also which offer accommodation in the form of camps. Recently there have improvement in the overall infrastructure of the region which has led to an increment in tourism. The best time to visit Naran is in the summer months due to less probability of snow fall and blocked roads but the city is accessible in the summer months as well.

During summer months the temperature can go up to 20 degree centigrade and in winters drops well beyond the freezing point due to heavy snowfall. Even though the local population of the region is used to of harsh winter climate, they descent towards much warmer areas of the valley to avoid the freezing cold. However, over the past few years the average temperature of the region has increased which is not a good thing in the long run because it can cause many environmental issues. For tourists it is recommended that they come well prepared for cold weather as there can be snowfall in the summer months as well.

The highest point Of the Naran Kaghan valley is the Babusar pass is famous for its beautiful views of the valley. The best time to visit the area is between July to September and can accessed via cars.The views can be enjoyed while sitting and having delicious local food available at the kiosks scattered around.

Another famous tourist attraction of Naran Kaghan is Jheel Said al Muluk, lake is a very popular place and accessed through Naran and located around nine kilometres away from it. According to local folklore, The Lake is said to be named after a Persian prince who fell in love with a a fairy.The lake is formed by the melting glacier waters and is the one of beautiful lake of Pakistan. The trout fish found in the lake’s water can weigh more than six kilograms at times. Another famous lake of the valley is the Ansoo Jheel The word ‘ansoo’ means ‘a tear’ in English. The lake is named like that because its shape resembles a huge tear. There are no roads leading to the lake itself and has to be reached by trekking the treacherous snowy terrain.However, the area offers many beautiful views for tourists. During the winter months the lake is unreachable to due to tough weather conditions.

The Lulusar Lake is located 25 kilometers away from Naran and is famous for its clear waters. The waters also of the lake seem to be turquoise in color and the reflections of the sky and and clouds can be clearly seen on its surface.There are many other lakes in the area like Saral lake, Dudipatsar Lake and the Gitidas Lake.

Shogran is another famous place near Naran, famous for its beautiful meadows and beautiful views of the mountains. It is easily accessible via road but it recommended for visiting in the summer months only because in winters only one or two lodges are available for renting. From Shogran, trekking can be done to reach Siri Payee, which is famous for its Grassy plains and serene environment.

Naran is no doubt one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan but sadly it faces many environmental threats due to garbage and climate change. Many improvements will have to make by the government, the locals and the tourists in order to preserve the beauty of the region for the future generations. It is an asset for our country which needs to cherished and nourished for the future.

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A girl’s Solo Adventure to Arang Kel

Arrang kel is located in Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. It is known as heaven on earth. You know traveling is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in life. It has the potential to open up your mind, create amazing opportunities you would never get otherwise, we can let go tensions off, all the hustle and bustle of crazy cities environment and set yourself free. It enables you to meet some of the humblest people on the planet, a worthy challenge with absolute limit.

That’s why at the end of my final year of university I decided that I needed to go on a solo trip. I wanted to explore the natural beauty of Northern areas of Pakistan, the culture, the landscape and the adventure.

Where to go and how?

The next part was, where to go ? and how to get there ? I started looking for tourist attractions in the northern areas. I came across a video showing a small village on a hilltop with a boom I had found my destination.I decided to go by public transport and also because public transportation is readily available to Kel. I planned to stay in Arrang Kel for two nights. I asked a local tour guide to supervise my trip and arrange my night stay. Oh, the excitement.

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The start of my solo girl’s trip:
I started my journey from Islamabad keeping in mind that it takes approximately 10-12 hours to reach Arrang Kel. One smart move we made was packing lots off snacks and water bottles with hiking boots because i learned from my previous trip that they are necessary. So thus began my adventure at 6:00 am in the morning. As trip started i realized that this will be a best trip of my life and will help me rest of life to meet the challenges.

From Islamabad to Muzaffarabad I went on the same bus. I had at, and throughout the ride, i set my mood according to the songs playing in the bus. This is the best part when everyone is fresh and energetic and also because, after the first few hours, the maniac excitement begins to drop. Traveling from Murree via Motorway, I absorbed the landscape slowly change. The flat land slowly turned to rocky roads and small hills. The altitude gradually increased, and so did my anticipation. It indeed was a treat to see the difference in natural beauty change from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad as it flyers past you. From Muzaffarabad, I took another bus straight to Kel, at 5:00 pm i was at Kel stop and after that a local guide arranged a porter for me to hike for 30 minutes, there was a chairlift which we have to choose from Kel to Arrang Kel.

Guess what, i went for? But by God it was scary. The wind was blowing at speed of bullet train, the cabin was thrilling but fun at the same time. After crossing the river, a steep hill of 30 to 60 minutes awaited me. By then it was late, and i decided to call it a night.

I made camp close to a small group of villagers. The sun was setting, women were doing daily routine work. A group of women came across carrying buckets of water, we started talking, They were so friendly and supportive. One told me that I should have medicine ready for tomorrow’s hike which thankfully I had. They were kind enough to offer me some food, but instead, I provided them some as a thank you. Overall it was a pleasant interaction which warmed my heart, and i gained a newfound respect for the locals.

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On Top of the World

I started my hike early in the morning, later on the ice would melt and trek gets slippery. It was difficult, but all made worth it by all the laughter and company of girls of Kinnard College Lahore, who were on trip to ArrangKel . Now i was not alone i made few friends from girls group, seen innocent gestures from some of the local children and they would from time to time run ahead of us, Teasing us about our slow speed.

Then all thoughts of a tiring journey left my mind as soon we reached the top because heaven was before my was so beautiful. The land ahead was on a hilltop but flat with small tents, snow-covered houses, and tall trees. Surrounded by mighty mountains, all I could think off was how unique and isolated this village is.The first 3 hours we spend roaming around and just taking in the landscape. Then we checked into our accommodation and had lunch. There was also a small canteen available which is a huge plus.

What I loved about Arrang Kel was that most tourists were families who made a very secure and comforting environment. Then we got ready for our evening adventure. We took into breath-taking view, and of course, selfies are a must. It was amazing to enjoy each others company and to interact with so many people, who were visitors just like us.


I meet a courageous couple in their 50s who regularly came to this paradise. We also had dinner with them, and they told us they had been coming here for the past 20 years. It was a magical last evening, and as night came, we sat by a fireplace and sang songs, it was so peaceful. The night sky was clear, and I had never seen so many starts.
Next morning we started our journey back, and apparently, we were all sad but, we met with local girls from the village, and promised that next time I will come, she would make a hand made necklace for me.

These are the kinds of interactions and experiences that make life unique and beautiful. It indeed was a magical experience, few new friends, bench of memories and a solo adventure.



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Snowfall in Gujranwala? The Hailstorm Yesterday Sure Looks Like It!

Yesterday suddenly rain started in Gujranwala which took u turn and converted into snowing/hailing although it was predicted in Kashmir, Malamjabba, Hunza and Skardu but no one expected Gujranwala turned white today.

It’s a natural phenomena but rare to sight in areas of Punjab, people saying it’s snowfall but it is not.

We started receiving pictures from everywhere in Gujranwala and they sure look pretty, but it is an alarm for everyone who believes global warming is not real!

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Why friends planned tours got cancelled ?

Friends plan tours but could not execute them, why ?

here are the few reasons ?

Not preparing proper itineraries .

Most people only think of going on vacations but could not plan it, for a tour you need preparing proper itinerary : Day wise details, attractions to visit, places to eat and stay and time management. Suppose you are planning to go Gilgit Baltistan, as GB is not one destination it has attractions on the way, off road and some within the communities so prepare a detailed itinerary.

Cost Calculation .

Went on tour with friends and thought it will cost PKR 15000/- per head approximately but didn’t calculated the exact cost is another blunder for managing tour, calculate your cost w.r.t Hotel booking, transport rent, fuel prices, food and tickets.

Permission from Family.

 Most friends don’t take permission while preparing tours, when everything is done but don’t granted permission is another dilemma of cancelled tours.

A quick advice from the experts of Pakistan Travel Guide that you must note the following points before planning tour , booking a tour with travel company makes your vacations hassle free, enjoy your holidays 🙂

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The Swat Valley

The Swat Valley can be easily reached from both Peshawar and Islamabad. From Islamabad, one can follow the GT Road as fr as Nowshehra, and then head north to Mardan. The road over the Malakand Pass Passes the extraordinary Buddhist remains at Takht-e-Bahi, 13 Km from Mardan. The remains are the most astounding, exciting and imposing relics of Buddhism in Pakistan and date back from 2nd to 5th century AD.

From Takht-e-Bahi, the road continues north through fertile countryside. The next major town is Dargai, after which the road climbs steadily up to the Malakand Pass.. On the way up there are good views south onto the Peshawar Valley. The road descends gently from the Pass, arriving at the market town  of Bat Khela, which is spread out over a large area. From Bat Khela, the road follows the Swat River upstram and the countryside around is green and fertile, and the road lined with trees. In springtime the orchards are bright with blossom and in summer the rice fields are ready to be harvested. July is peach time, and farmers put up stalls by the  roadside. 

Further on there is bridge across the Swat River to Chakdarra, marking the border with Dir District, and the start of the route to Dir and Chitral via the Lowari Pass. The road continues through the fertile fields and reaches Mingora whcih is the biggest town in Swat. It is situated with its twin town of Saidu Sharif, the administrative capital of Swat. Both the twin-towns have now all but merged into each other and together they form the largest urban centre in Swat, and Mingora in particular has become heavily congested. Both are 3,250 feet above sea level and are very hot in summer. 

At a distance of 13 km from Saidu Shaif, at the head of the Saidu Valley, is Marghzar (4,222 ft), the former summer palace of the Wali of Swat. The entire administration of Swat was moved up to the Safed Mahal (White Palace) for the season. The White Palace is now a luxury hotel and it’s situation at the head of the valley is idyllic. 

From Mingora, the highway runs towards north, following the river. At Manglaur, the first town north of Mingora a metalled road lead off to the right to Malam Jabba. At an altitude of over 8,700 ft, Malam Jabba is the most promising hill resort of Swat. It is a ski resort which gets 6 to 10 feet of snow fall on average annually. There are excellent views down into the main Swat Valley and some pleasant walks in the area. 

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