Rosie Gabrielle puts her soul and heart in this latest uploaded video about Pakistan

The video starts with Rosie Gabrielle crying scene asking for a Miracle, she was looking upset, shattered and helpless. The next scene starts with the lyrics of the song “found my way” and in the next scene, she is getting ready for a bike adventure. The title of the video is “PAKISTAN – Like you’ve never seen it before! What the media doesn’t want you to know. ” She films her bike journey, Pakistan’s landscape, people and culture, she was crying and working hard to complete the journey, dancing, eating food, bike accidents, her visit is a complete journey to Pakistan from Gilgit Baltistan to Gawadar. She inspired by the Muslim community, how they live, how they behave, how they respect each other and about The Message of “The Quran”.
In the latest Message, she writes :

Salaam FRIENDS ! The wait is over- it’s finally here! This has been a MASIVE project I’ve been working on for the last year. Little did I know it would end up like this. I poured my heart and soul into this, and I’m VERY nervous to release this. RAW, REAL is what you will get. This is my personal life experience and my adventure through Pakistan over the last year, what it taught me, and how it changed my life. I can’t properly convey everything I think and have to say, but I believe this video Sums it up as best as I can for now. For those of you who are new and aren’t familiar with my work. I travel solo on my own funds without endorsements or financial support from agencies or commercial companies /government. I do this work from my heart and soul- to inspire others and to promote a more positive connection between all. I film everything myself using go pros/tripod mounts, drone cameras, and occasionally handing my camera to a friend I meet along the way. I edit all of my own videos and content and manage all of my accounts- by myself without help. This is a FULL-TIME JOB- with the little pay I receive from youtube views and a few donations. I’m forever grateful for all of the love, support, encouraging words, thumbs up, shares and subscribers, who help keep me going. If you like this video, are touched or feel inspired, please share- and help me on my quest to share the love of humanity with the world. Peace and many blessings are upon all of you. Ameen.

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Top 10 Hill Stations in Pakistan

Hill Stations of Pakistan sweeten the beauty of our country with lush green forests, mountains, water springs, trekking and hiking trails. For photographers and bloggers, these hill stations are paradise to explore even in summers and winters. Pakistan Travel Guide offers tours to Top Hill Stations in Pakistan.If you are looking to explore the hilly areas of Pakistan, then following are the top 10 places you should set to explore in Pakistan:


Malaka-e-kohsar famous tourist hill station of Pakistan.Secure, easily approachable busiest, finest, full of variety and enjoying atmosphere both in Summers and Winters, people love to eat delicious food, shopping opportunities and sightseeing spots where the chair lift and amusement parks increase the charm of Murree.

Murree the hill station

Pic Credit Shams Mureed

Malam Jabba

55 Minutes drive from Mingora a Hill station with Chair Lift and tourism park Malam Jabba is second best hill station of Pakistan. Moderate temperature in Summers and cool and breezy in winters (ideal for skiing lovers).Roads are not well paved but still it’s thrilling to explore Malam Jabba especially in winters.

Malam Jabba

Kaghan Valley
If you are in the capital and having some good 4 to 5 days for vacation, then just head towards Kaghan. It is a place worth visiting which have beautiful locations and fast pace rivers flowing down the hills. Make sure to explore the places nearby such as Lake Saiful Maluk, Lalazar and Lulusar etc.


Chitral is a world famous hill spot primarily because of its rich history, jaw dropping scenaries and the Kailash valley. If you ever get a chance to come in North of Pakistan then don’t miss the place. Shandur Polo Ground is the highest polo ground of the world which isn’t too far from the Chitral.

Chitral the hill station


45 minutes drive from Capital Azad Kashmir a beautiful hill station named Chikar, lush green area, water streams, tourist attraction, zilal lake and moderate temperature are the best attractions.


Now this is something serious as the place has magnificent beauty. This picturesque place has high mountains where people can trek and the flowing river just cast a magical spell on the tourists.

Hunza Hill Station

Patriata is about 70 km from Murree which is a beautiful place. The most exciting thing about the place is its cable car chair lift which gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire hill station.

patriata hill station

Muzaffarabad is situated in Azad Kashmir and it is beautified mainly because of the Neelum and Jhelum rivers which flow through the hills of the place.

Hill station Muzaffarabad

Skardu is a safe haven for all the trekkers, hikers and the nature lovers. The route to most of the top peaks in Pakistan goes through Skardu and it is one place that you must see if you ever look to explore Pakistan.

Skardu the hill station

Quetta is in Baluchistan province and totally separated from all other hill stations. Nevertheless, this hill station is the capital of Baluchistan province having loads of facilities and opportunities for the tourists.

Quetta Hill Station

Mustafa Gulzair

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Saqib Qureshi The Travel Blogger of Pakistan

Saqib Shafiq is the brain behind the responsible travel blog called PakistanTravelGuide. The published blogposts promote eco-tourism as the writer believes that any travel to a natural habitat should be done in such a way that the environment remains protected, and the ecology respected.

An inspirational name in field of travel blogging and travel photography in Pakistan, he is writing since 2011 and travelling different parts of Pakistan. Working as blogger at PakistanTravelGuide, main aim to promote tourism, culture and cuisines of Pakistan.

He alstravel-blogger-of-pakistano focuses on the challenges that local people face, and what travelers could do to understand local culture and traditions better, and support the people. Saqib is very concerned about development issues, and keen to raise awareness among the traveling community.

What he loves the most in traveling is exploring ancient places, and it is his experiences of these historical places that he wishes to convey in his blog. Reading scriptures together with gazing at ancient architecture which are reflections of a rich Pakistani cultural heritage are his passion. The blog is thus the perfect platform for history and culture lovers to gain an in-depth understanding of the most fascinating Pakistani destinations.

He lives for human moments, as it is through the various interactions with the local he meets along the way that he finds his happiness.

Aspired to show the world that traveling can be inexpensive, that working people can travel too, and finally that people you meet have some of the most incredible stories to share and valuable insights to offer.

Few of Pictures of Saqib Qureshi



Tilni waterfall

Picture by Saqib Shafiq of Tilni Waterfall

view of Muzaffarabad

view of Muzaffarabad

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How could we help Pakistan?

In era of communication and social sharing’s, media is in hand of every single citizen and English is the common writing and understanding tool all over internet. Let’s help Pakistan! How it is possible? Let me discuss.


Write about Pakistan’s inspirational stories, current affairs, political situation, health, entertainment, sports and travel. Bring a positive image of Pakistan and promote your national interests.


Every city of Pakistan had some possessions which are good to share like if you are in Lahore then share monuments, historical places, and cultural things. If you are in Karachi then share sea ports, buildings, hopes, smiling faces. Share beautiful things.

Charity Services:

Work there focuses primarily on enhancing livelihoods, improving access to water and sanitation and responding to emergency situations. Have some time for charity services, organize events to promote hygiene, child welfare, counselling, education and disaster management. Some of Pakistani’s already working on this but every Pakistani should been part of it.


Promote entrepreneurship rather to go for jobs, do what you want and make it profession. Promote local products, go for solutions and manage everything in a better way.


Religious thoughtful:

Study Quran and Hadith so you could understand the true version of Islam. You could decide what is good and what is bad. No other narratives which are bogus could make your minds dirty. Spread religious harmony.

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