Honeymoon has become a custom in Pakistan. It is originated from the West and gains popularity all over the world. It is a private and secluded holiday trip of the newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. Honeymoons are celebrated with great zeal and zest now-a-days, in the places which are considered calm, quiet and romantic. Here we are going to provide a list of best accommodating destinations.

Pakistan is really a beautiful country and a wonderful place for honeymoon. The peace, serenity and beauty of Northern Areas is matchless and it has resorts with a lot of natural tourist attractions, highest mountains of the world, hills, rivers, valleys, plains, meadows, greenery, parks, waterfalls, hiking tracks etc. Kaghan-Naran and Swat are most amazing areas of the country; especially the beauty of the famous lake Saif-ul-Malook. Murree Hills, also called Queen of Hills is also a popular tourist resort of Pakistan.

  • Islamabad:

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is a magnificent place and adjoining spots like Pir Sohawa, Monal, Daman-e-Koh, Rawal Lake, Shakarparyan, Margalla Hills etc. Saidpur Village depicts a true reflection of the traditional heritage of the country. Furthermore it is hub of restaurants, cafes, parks, wonderful, shopping malls and diplomatic enclaves. Islamabad is the first destination for travelling around; to Murree, to the Northern Areas and to Azad Kashmir.

Faisal Mosque Islamabad

Marriott Hotel Islamabad:

Marriott Hotel Islamabad is the best choice for the newly-wed couples, on the eve of their married life. Marriot is a five star hotel and a central accommodation, located in the foothill of the Margalla, near the Rawal Lake. The town centre, Presidential & Premier Residences, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senate, Parliament House, Foreign Missions, World Bank, Government Offices, corporate sector, Print and Electronic Media Offices are in the vicinity of the hotel.

The Hotel is a first and foremost choice of the politicians, diplomats, businessmen and tourists. It is just half an hour journey between the Hotel and Islamabad International Airport.

marriott hotel muzaffarabad

  • Gilgit-Hunza:

Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan, located at an elevation of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) above sea level. It is best known for its cold weather, warmhearted people, dry-fruit, fabrics, chinaware and handicrafts. Gilgit-Hunza is a wonderful destination for the couples who are intending a fantastic honeymoon in the fabulous Northern Areas.

gilgat hunza

Gilgit Serena Hotel:

Looking forward for a serene and romantic destination, the honeymoon couples should opt for the Gilgit Serena Hotel. It is situated at the Brig. Sherullah Beg Road, Jutial in Gilgit. Emplaced amidst the bewitching landscape of Karakoram Mountain Range, the Serena Hotel is truly a spot for the love-birds.

It is accessible from all the directions of Gilgit and it is about 3 kilometres away from the Silk Route (KKH). Gilgit Serena Hotel represents a modernized symbol of comfort and luxury surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Although it is a 3* hotel yet it is equipped with all the latest facilities and amenities, which makes the stay pleasant and memorable.


  • Kaghan-Naran Valley:

The beautiful valley of Kaghan is a prominent among the alpine-climate valleys of Pakistan. It is situated in Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan. The valley spreads over 155 kilometers (96 miles) and rises at an elevation of 2,134 feet (650 metres) above sea level. Its highest point is the Babusar Pass, which is elevated at 13,690 feet (4,170 metres) above sea level.


PTDC Motel, Naran:

There lies the PTDC Motel, which is considered the pioneer in the Naran Valley and among the finest hotels of the town. The PTDC Motel is located on the bank of the Kunhar River, which is famous for its meandering cool water and Trout fish. The Motel spreads over 20 acres. It offers standard rooms, huts & economy rooms and 3 VIP cottages. The restaurant serves continental and Pakistani cuisines and aromatic and trout fish to the anglers.


  • Skardu-Shigar:

Skardu is the capital of Skardu District of Gilgit-Baltistan Region. Skardu valley spreads over 10 kilometres (6 miles) wide and 40 kilometres (25 miles) long, at the confluence of the Indus and the Shigar Rivers. The altitude of the Skardu is about 2,500 metres (8,202 feet) above sea level. The town is surrounded by greyish brown coloured mountains, which are in the front of the above 8,000 metres high peaks of the nearby Karakoram Range.


Shangri-La Resorts:

Shangri-La Resorts is a part of the Shangri-la Lake (Lower Kachura Lake) and it is located at the 20-minute drive from Skardu (elevation: 2,500 metres or 8,200 feet) above sea level. It is a popular tourist Resort and has a unique texture in the fuselage of an aircraft that was crashed here. Shangri-la was established in 1983 with the opening of the first Resort Hotel in Skardu, Baltistan. Shangri-la Resort Hotel was founded by late Brigadier Muhammad Aslam Khan.

It is the best destination for the newly-wed couples and time spent here at Shangri-La Resort is a lifetime experience that one would want to relive again and again. The area is commonly known as “The Roof of the World” and because of its natural beauty, the first impression of Shangri-La is of a Fairyland.


  • Murree-Galliat:

Murree is located in the Pir Panjal Range, some 60 kilometres (37 miles) away from Rawalpindi/Islamabad in the North-East. It is located on the Southern slopes in the foothill of the Western Himalayan which are ascending North-Eastwards. Its average altitude is 2,291 metres (7,516 feet) with pleasant summers and cold-snowy winter.

Pearl Continental Bhurban:

Bhurban is a small town and a hill station in Murree and a resort. It is located about 9 kilometres away from Murree. It is named after the nearby forest. Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban is located in the vicinity of the magnificent Himalayas at the elevation of over 2000 metres. The Hotel is 4.5* with 200 luxurious and comfy rooms.

pc bhurban

  • Chitral-Kalash:

The elevation of Chitral Valley is 3,700 feet (1,100 metres) above sea level and it is situated on the Western bank of the River Chitral (also Kunhar River), in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The town is located in the foothill of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of the Hindu-Kush Mountain Range, at the elevation of 25,289 feet (7,708 metres) above sea level.

Kalash Valley is situated in Chiral District and comprises of three valleys of Bumburet, Rumbur and Birir. The valley is famous for the oldest tribe of Kalash in the South Asia and its unique culture, religion, language, festivals and the way of living.

Pamir Riverside Inn:

Pamir Riverside Inn is located at the bank of Chitral River with a view of Tirich Mir, ideal for the couples, who want to live in seclusion and quiet environment. It is surrounded by the mountains and the spectacular scenic beauty of nearby areas.

  • Azad Kashmir:

Azad Kashmir (AJK) means The Free State Jammu and Kashmir is the territory which lies in the West of the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). It is blessed with rivers, mountains, forests, streams, waterfalls, meadows and passes. It has one of the oldest civilizations and rich culture. Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, is 138 kilometres away from Islamabad, Pakistan and it takes about 3 hours journey to reach Muzaffarabad. Muzaffarabad city is connected to Pakistan from Murree and Abbottabad. Its popular tourist resorts are Neelum Valley, Jhelum Valley, Pearl Valley, Bagh, Leepa Valley and other adjoining areas.

Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad:

Pearl Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad was inaugurated on June 29, 2007. It is situated on the hill-top of Muzaffarabad,  the land of green plateaus, enchanting lakes & water-falls and conjoining of two rivers; blue icy River Neelum and aggressive River Jhelum. It is also the capital city of Azad Kashmir, which is the hub of social, political and all kinds of art activities, yet keeping an alluring beauty in its territory. The panorama of the city and the junction point of Neelum & Jhelum Rivers DOMEL, present a exiting grandeur from MAKRA hills, which adds captivating magnificence to the beauty of Muzaffarabad.

  • Swat Valley:

Swat is an historical valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The upper Swat valley rises in the foothill of Hindu-Kush Mountain Range and its capital is Saidu Sharif yet the main town is Mingora. It is a place with high mountains, green meadows and lakes of clear water. It is called “the Switzerland of the East”.

Swat is surrounded by Chitral, Upper Dir and Lower Dir in the West, Gilgit-Baltistan in the North; Kohistan, Buner in the East and Shangla in the in the South-East.

White Palace Marghzar:

The White Palace of Marghzar is an oldest hotel and it was the residence of the first king of Swat, Miangul Abdul Wadud (Badshah Sahib), built in 1940. It is located in the small town of Marghzar, about 13 kilometres away from Saidu Sharif. It was given the name because it built with white marble and now it serves as a hotel. It remained the summer residence of the Wali of Swat, Miangul Jehanzeb. Its elevation is about 7,000 feet, above sea level, on the Marghzar Hill. It was later converted into a tourist resort and it is a perfect choice for honeymooners.

  • Neelum Valley:

Kashmir is called a Paradise on Earth and Neelum Valley is the jewel in the heaven. It is one of the most beautiful places. Neelum Valley is located in the North and North East of Muzaffarabad, it’s a bow-like valley and it lies parallel to the LOC. It is a high-altitude valley and its elevation is over 4000 metres (13,123 feet) above sea level. It consists of 370 villages in total. The valley comprises of thick forest, clear water streams, rivers, treasure of gem-stones and minerals.

Keran Motels/Resorts:

Keran is situated on the right bank of the River Neelum at an altitude of 1, 524 metres above sea level with fascinating scenery. Fruits and wildlife is abundantly found in the Neelum Valley. There are beautiful, comfortable and luxurious Motels, called Keran Motels in Neelum Valley.

Sharda Lodges:

Sharda is a breath-taking tourist resort in Neelum Valley, at an altitude of 1, 981 metres. It has a captivating landscape with springs, water-falls, and hills covered with lush-green trees. On the right bank, opposite to Sharda, the River Neelum is joined by the Surgan Nullah along with which a track leads to Nuriar Pass, which is connected to the Kaghan Valley.

Remains of an old Buddhist University are also found in Sharda in Neelum Valley.

Kel Guest House:

Kel is a small Valley, situated at a height of 2, 097 metres. This is another picturesque place in the Neelum Valley. The Shounter Nullah joins River Neelum here and it leads to Gilgit Agency over the Shandur, at an elevation of 4, 420 metres. From Kel, tourists can visit Shounter Valley & Taobat, Neelum Valley.

Author: Fehmeeda Farid Khan

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