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Gilgit-Baltistan territory was established on July 1, 1970. Its Capital is Gilgit and largest city is Skardu. Its total area is 72,971 square kilometres (28,174 square miles). Balti, Shina, Burushaski, Wakhi, Khowari, Kohistani, Kashmiri, Urdu, English Punjabi & Pashto are the languages, spoken here.

Gilgit-Baltistan Territory, also known as the Northern Areas, is located in the Northern most region of Pakistan. It borders with Azad Kashmir to the South, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the West, the Wa-khan Corridor of Afghanistan to the North, Xinjiang, China, to the East and North-East and Jammu & Kashmir to the South-East.

Gilgit-Baltistan is administrative divided into two divisions; Gilgit and Skardu. It consists of ten Districts; four Districts of Baltistan include Skardu, Shigar, Kharmang and Ghanche, and six Districts of Gilgit include Gilgit, Ghizer, Diamer, Astore, Hunza and Nagar.

Three of the world’s longest glaciers outside the Polar Regions, are found in Gilgit-Baltistan; namely the Biafo Glacier, the Baltoro Glacier and the Batura Glacier. There are several high-altitude lakes found in Gilgit-Baltistan Region. They are as follows:

  1. Sheosar Lake in the Deosai Plains, Skardu.
  2. Naltar Lake, in the Naltar Valley, Gilgit.
  3. Satpara Lake in Skardu, Baltistan.
  4. Katzura Lake in Skardu, Baltistan.
  5. Zharba Lake in Shigar, Baltistan.
  6. Phoroq Lake in Skardu, Baltistan.
  7. Lake Kharfak in Gangche, Baltistan.
  8. Byarsa Lake in Gultari, Astore.
  9. Borith Lake in Gojal, upper Hunza, Gilgit.
  10. Rama Lake near Astore.
  11. Rush Lake near Nagar, Gilgit.
  12. Kromber Lake, at Kromber Pass Ishkoman Valley, Ghizer.
  13. Barodaroksh Lake in Bar Valley, Nagar.
  14. Ghorashi Lake in Ghandus Valley, Kharmang.

There are also located Deosai Plains, which are the second highest plateau in the world, at an altitude of 4,115 metres (14,500 feet), comes after Tibet. The plateau exists in the East of Astore Valley, in the South of Skardu and in the West of Ladakh. The area was declared as a National Park in 1993. The Deosai Plains cover an area of almost 5,000 square kilometres (1,900 square miles). From September to May, Deosai Plains remain snow-bound and cut off from rest of the Astore Valley and Baltistan. The village of Deosai is near Chilum Chokki and it is connected to the Kargil District of Ladakh as well, through an all-weather road.


There towns of Gilgit and Chilas are very hot in the summer, during the day but cold at nights. While the temperature remains cold in the Valleys like Astore, Khaplu, Yasin, Hunza, and Nagar, even in the summers.

Highest Peaks:

Some of world highest peaks are also located here in the Gilgit-Baltistan Region, such as;

  1. K-2 (28,250 Feet)
  2. Nanga Parbat, The Killer Mountain (26,660 Feet)
  3. Gasherbrum I (26,360 Feet)
  4. Broad Peak 7 (26,550 Feet)
  5. Muztagh Tower (23,800 Feet)
  6. Gasherbrum II (26,120 Feet)
  7. Hidden Peak (26,470 Feet)
  8. Kunyang Pumari Chhish (25,761 Feet)
  9. Masherbrum (25,659 Feet)
  10. Saltoro Kangri (25,400 Feet)
  11. Chogolisa (25,148 Feet)

Miscellaneous Information


Provincial Animal:              Yak

Provincial Bird:                   Falcon

Provincial Tree:                   Quercus Ilex

Provincial Flower:              Aquilegia Pubiflora



  • Shandur Polo Festival
  • Babusar Polo Festival
  • Jashn-e-Baharan/Harvest Time Festival (Navroz)


Famous Dances:

  • Old Man Dance: More than one participant, join the dance, wearing an old-styled outfit.
  • Cow Boy Dance (Payaloo): In the dance, a person dances, wearing an old-styled outfit, a long pair of leather shoes and a stick in hand.
  • Sword Dance: In this unique dance the participants show taking one sword in right and shield in left. One to six pairs of participants can take part in the dance.

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Places to Visit in Pakistan During 2016

Places to Visit in Pakistan during 2016

This article will highlight destinations to prepare your checklist for your summer and winter vacations tours during 2016. Domestic tourism in Pakistan being flourishing day by day every year as the northern areas of Pakistan are considerable peaceful and most scenic compared to any other part of the world. Domestic tours required no visa obligations, no hastiness, no freaks, most important thing is local tourism is very cheap and easily approachable.

Let’s explore the places you need to visit in Pakistan during 2016.

1. Deosai National Park

Officially Deosai National Park is reserve for migrating birds, Animals like Bears, snow leopards but it’s one of the biggest plateau, green ground in the world. Brown bears breed is most commonly found at Deosai National Park. Its hard place for families (if unplanned tours) but for adventures and tour planners it’s one of the worth seeing place. Sheosar Lake is one of the famous attraction at Deosai National Park

How to Plan Deosai National Park Tour

Multiple tour operators like Pakistan Travel Guide Tours and Travel offers various tour packages for Deosai National Park where from one could choose package as their demand. By road is very exciting way to travel plan if one could follow the trail via Babusar Top.

2. Skardu and Hunza Valley.

Skardu and Hunza Valley are two most admirable places to explore but you need at least 10 days to explore them. Skardu is very historical place and was dynasty of various emperors in past like khaplu palace, Shigar Fort and multiple small and big Lakes. Attabad Lake which was a natural lake build 3 years ago due to landslide and now it’s a tourist attractions for local and foreign tourist.

How to plan tour of Skardu and Hunza

PakistanTravelGuide Tours and Travels offers multiple tour packages for Skardu and Hunza like “6 days 5 nights’ tour packages for Skardu”, 5 Days 4 Nights tour package of Hunza Valley.

3. Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir
Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir is about 160 Kilometers from Capital City of Pakistan “Islamabad”. If you are travelling from Karachi then plan your tour to stay first night at Muzaffarabad. You can find different type of accommodations like Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad, MuzaffarabadINN guest house, better to find a suitable place to live in. For very next day visit to keran and hire a jeep for RattiGali, best suggestion to stay overnight at sharda. Next day move for kel and arrang kel and stay at Arrang Kel. Fourth day you should visit Taobutt and possible to stay overnight at Keran or Kutton. This is the best way to plan your tour for Neelum Valley.

4. Naran, Batakundi, Babusar Top

Naran Ahhh! You beauty! Is very limited season tourist spot, It remains open from May to November, most attractive spot for tourist is Saif-ul-Malook Lake. On planning your tour to Naran consider visiting Batakundi and Babusar Top both are worth seeing places.
How to Plan Naran Tour?

On planning your tour from Karachi you should select shogran for 1st night stay and next day early morning plan for Siri Paye and plan overnight stay at Naran. Hire a jeep for Saif-ul-malook Lake and good to stay overnight at Naran. 3rd Day plan your tour for Batakundi and Babusar Top as on both sites you can’t find reasonable spots to stay at, so you have to choose Kaghan for stay May be at Arcadian or somewhere else.

5. Swat, kalam, Mahudand
Swat is diverse and leisure destination in Pakistan to visit, Kalam is the place which encourage you to visit in summer and in winter as well. Mahudand Lake, White Palace, Fish Form, Kalam Snowfall these are attractions in Swat to visit upon.

How to Plan tour of Swat ?
Book your tour package via any tour operator for tour, booking with tour operator is important because company will be liable of rental car, hotel booking, guiding you proper places, food places guide and good interaction with local community.

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