Guest Houses Ruining the Beauty of Arrang Kel Neelum Valley


As Arrang Kel is the beautiful valley of Kashmir, due to its biggest lush green fields, flowers and snow covered mountains. In recent year’s tourist’s boost toward kel valley is bringing down its natural beauty, forests being cut down and more and more locals are investing in building Guest Houses.

How Guest Houses in Arrang Kel are ruining Valley ?

– Locals Cutting forests to build Guest houses
– Fields are losing their area
– Dump of Tins, bottle, rappers etc
– No Community mobilization for ECO Friendly Tourism

Guest Houses impact on the Valley is no secret, but these shocking pictures give a snapshot to how far we’ve gone in our destruction of our natural environment.

Arrang Kel may be one of the most beautiful places on earth, but its proximity to the Great Garbage Patch, a huge, swirling mass of floating trash in the Valley, means that Kel on the tip of the big fields looks more like a Guest Houses Land than a paradise.

Authorities should think before giving NOC to any of Guest Houses operating in Neelum Valley.

Objections should be on;
– Excessive use of wood in buildings
– cleanliness methods
– Habitat Damage

PakistanTravelGuide promotes Eco Friendly Tourism in Northern Areas of Pakistan. Bring a Change towards nature for generations survival.

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