Naran Kaghan Opened for Tourists

Local Administration had cleared all the glaciers on the way to Naran, Now Naran is open for all kind of traffic. Due to Covid-19 and Ramadan Tourists couldn’t able to visit the Naran but hoteliers are visiting to maintain their hotel’s cleanliness and other issues. This year tourism will badly hit if the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, already the tourism industry is badly hit worldwide. PakistanTravelGuide will start taking bookings from 1st June 2020 for Naran Kaghan, Tours will follow the proper guideline from the government sector.

List of Naran Kaghan Tour Packages

  1. 3 Days Naran Kaghan Tour
  2. 4 Days Naran Kaghan Tour
  3. Naran Hunza Tour Package
  4. Naran Neelum Valley Tour
  5. Naran Swat Tour Packages
  6. Naran Skardu Tour Package

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Impact of Corona Virus on Tourism Industry In Pakistan

Pakistan was declared as the best travel destination for 2020, Northern areas of Pakistan are now heavily relying on domestic and international tourists, this year projection was of 30% rise of tourists as compared to previous years. The current government regime was promoting tourism in Pakistan and the improved security situation boosted the tourism sector, millions of jobs created with this sector with an increase of hotels, tour operator companies, tour guides, transport sector. Tourism destinations like Neelum Valley, Naran Kaghan, Kalam, and Hunza were the hotspots for tourism but due to Covid-19 things are changed now.

— (@airizo2) December 16, 2019

Thousands to Lose Jobs :

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic hotels, Restaurants, Public places, and private-public transport are closed, every company is lying off their staff, the staff came from remote areas of Pakistan are now returning to their villages. It’s very hard for small businesses to pay their rents, loans, and wages to their employees as the situation is quite uncertain, no one knows when businesses will open.  Most hotels in Naran Kaghan are on the verge of collapsing if tourism will not start after EID as their all earnings are based, seasonal tourists.

Pakistan Tour Packages offered by Pakistan Travel Guide is also suffering from huge loses in terms off revenue and profit. 

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