Rosie Gabrielle puts her soul and heart in this latest uploaded video about Pakistan

Rosie Gabrielle in Pakistan

The video starts with Rosie Gabrielle crying scene asking for a Miracle, she was looking upset, shattered and helpless. The next scene starts with the lyrics of the song “found my way” and in the next scene, she is getting ready for a bike adventure. The title of the video is “PAKISTAN – Like you’ve never seen it before! What the media doesn’t want you to know. ” She films her bike journey, Pakistan’s landscape, people and culture, she was crying and working hard to complete the journey, dancing, eating food, bike accidents, her visit is a complete journey to Pakistan from Gilgit Baltistan to Gawadar. She inspired by the Muslim community, how they live, how they behave, how they respect each other and about The Message of “The Quran”.
In the latest Message, she writes :

Salaam FRIENDS ! The wait is over- it’s finally here! This has been a MASIVE project I’ve been working on for the last year. Little did I know it would end up like this. I poured my heart and soul into this, and I’m VERY nervous to release this. RAW, REAL is what you will get. This is my personal life experience and my adventure through Pakistan over the last year, what it taught me, and how it changed my life. I can’t properly convey everything I think and have to say, but I believe this video Sums it up as best as I can for now. For those of you who are new and aren’t familiar with my work. I travel solo on my own funds without endorsements or financial support from agencies or commercial companies /government. I do this work from my heart and soul- to inspire others and to promote a more positive connection between all. I film everything myself using go pros/tripod mounts, drone cameras, and occasionally handing my camera to a friend I meet along the way. I edit all of my own videos and content and manage all of my accounts- by myself without help. This is a FULL-TIME JOB- with the little pay I receive from youtube views and a few donations. I’m forever grateful for all of the love, support, encouraging words, thumbs up, shares and subscribers, who help keep me going. If you like this video, are touched or feel inspired, please share- and help me on my quest to share the love of humanity with the world. Peace and many blessings are upon all of you. Ameen.

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