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5 small business ideas for locals living in Northern areas of Pakistan where thousands of tourists rush each year to explore the beauty, culture, and cuisines. Benefits of tourism are that it uplifts the economy of that destination, pressures governments to invest in road infrastructures, mainstream media gives coverage to that place, big investors come to that place for investments in hotels. Current government regime completely focuses on the tourism sector of Pakistan, Chinese have invested in road infrastructure so there are some opportunities for locals to set up a few businesses in Northern areas of Pakistan. 

1.Local Cuisine Tuck Shop  

With a small investment, one can make a small tuck shop to sell tea, Pakoras, Samosas, local traditional cuisine like if you are in Gilgit Hunza you can sell local traditional foods like Local soups, Manthoo, Chapshuro, etc. Sale of these items is on a high note and one can earn thousands on a single day. On our tours to Gilgit Baltistan, we often stay at these local Dhabbas for refreshment and they had very strong offerings that give a taste of uniqueness

2.Handicraft selling  

Tourists who visit Northern areas are very interested in buying souvenirs for their friends and family or they want to have a memory along with them. In PTDC Skardu you will see people from Lahore have a handicrafts shop selling different handicrafts, these items are very cheap to buy but sales at high rates because no one can value these products as they are mostly handmade. 

3.Local Tourist Guide

Become a local tourist guide, offer people to tell stories, help them find tourist attractions, food stalls, museums, good hotels, locate the transport. You need to have very strong connections with hotels, restaurants and tp know each tourist spot, we must say you need to know the art of selling the best experiences to your clients.

4.Adventure Sports Shop

Sell adventure goods to tourists, like cycling on rent, hiking shoes, skiing types of equipment, hiking sticks, binocular, local maps, Imported jackets, freebies, Ludo Games, etc. Adventure sports shops are famous all around the world and they are earning a handy amount in peak season. For locals, it’s easy to maintain the shop, could do the B2B venture with an online sports shop in Karachi/Lahore and Islamabad. 

5.Airbnb Rentals

A new term of guest house rental is turning the rooms of your house into guest rooms offering basic amenities. We have seen this trend becoming very famous in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir where locals turning their houses in rental guest rooms at the peak season of summers. Maybe in Hunza, this trend will be more successful in the near future. 

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8 Places to Visit in Hunza Valley 2020

8 Places which are must-see on your tour to Hunza Valley, Hunza valley had natural beauty, cultural sites, good infrastructure, luxury hotels. 4 Seasons destination where in Spring you will able to see cherry blossoms, in summers you have the moderate temperature, in Autumn best to see the colors of nature and in winters frozen lakes.

8 Places to Visit on Tour to Hunza Valley in 2020
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Naran Kaghan Road Conditions 2020

Naran Kaghan Road is Open till Babusar Top

Naran Kaghan road will open on 15 May 2020, till then there are very little chances of road opening. Road to Lake Saiful Malook will open in the first week of June 2020. Road to Babusar top will open in the first week of July 2020. This year due to heavy snowfall in January 2020 which causes hurdles in opening roads early as compared to the previous year.

There are multiple locations where glaciers blocked the roads, 4 sites are before Naran Bazar, one on lake Saif ul malook road and multiple glaciers at Babusar road.

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