Naran Kaghan

Naran Valley

A famous person once said“Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.” This is absolutely true because discovering new places has a charm and beauty of its own and is an adventure unlike any other. Moreover, seeing new places and having new experiences has a great effect on a person, both mentally and physically.

The geography of Pakistan as a country is quite diverse and includes many types of terrains ranging from beautiful beaches to plains, from lush arid lands to deserts, from mountains to vast plains and forests. The flora and fauna is quite diverse as well. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Pakistan throughout the year and recently the government has taken many steps to increase tourism in the country.
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One of the most popular tourist destinations of the country is Naran Kaghan which attracts both Pakistani and foreign tourists almost throughout the year. Naran is a small village located inside the Kaghan valley and one of the most famous places for tourism in the region. The Kaghan valley is situated in KhyberPakhtunkwa (KPK). Naran is fomous for a number of things like the picturesque scenery, trout fishing, the small walking tracks surrounding water stream sides, Lake Saif al Muluk, AnsooJheel and MalikaParbat.By some nature enthusiasts it is dubbed as “heaven on earth” also.

Naran has many hotels and hostels to cater to needs of the tourists that come to visit this beautiful landscape according to their income groups.If the tourists feel like it, they can also set up their own tents in the form of camps instead of paying money for accommodation. There are some hotels also which offer accommodation in the form of camps. Recently there have improvement in the overall infrastructure of the region which has led to an increment in tourism. The best time to visit Naran is in the summer months due to less probability of snow fall and blocked roads but the city is accessible in the summer months as well.

During summer months the temperature can go up to 20 degree centigrade and in winters drops well beyond the freezing point due to heavy snowfall. Even though the local population of the region is used to of harsh winter climate, they descent towards much warmer areas of the valley to avoid the freezing cold. However, over the past few years the average temperature of the region has increased which is not a good thing in the long run because it can cause many environmental issues. For tourists it is recommended that they come well prepared for cold weather as there can be snowfall in the summer months as well.

The highest point Of the Naran Kaghan valley is the Babusar pass is famous for its beautiful views of the valley. The best time to visit the area is between July to September and can accessed via cars.The views can be enjoyed while sitting and having delicious local food available at the kiosks scattered around.

Another famous tourist attraction of Naran Kaghan is Jheel Said al Muluk, lake is a very popular place and accessed through Naran and located around nine kilometres away from it. According to local folklore, The Lake is said to be named after a Persian prince who fell in love with a a fairy.The lake is formed by the melting glacier waters and is the one of beautiful lake of Pakistan. The trout fish found in the lake’s water can weigh more than six kilograms at times. Another famous lake of the valley is the Ansoo Jheel The word ‘ansoo’ means ‘a tear’ in English. The lake is named like that because its shape resembles a huge tear. There are no roads leading to the lake itself and has to be reached by trekking the treacherous snowy terrain.However, the area offers many beautiful views for tourists. During the winter months the lake is unreachable to due to tough weather conditions.

The Lulusar Lake is located 25 kilometers away from Naran and is famous for its clear waters. The waters also of the lake seem to be turquoise in color and the reflections of the sky and and clouds can be clearly seen on its surface.There are many other lakes in the area like Saral lake, Dudipatsar Lake and the Gitidas Lake.

Shogran is another famous place near Naran, famous for its beautiful meadows and beautiful views of the mountains. It is easily accessible via road but it recommended for visiting in the summer months only because in winters only one or two lodges are available for renting. From Shogran, trekking can be done to reach Siri Payee, which is famous for its Grassy plains and serene environment.

Naran is no doubt one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan but sadly it faces many environmental threats due to garbage and climate change. Many improvements will have to make by the government, the locals and the tourists in order to preserve the beauty of the region for the future generations. It is an asset for our country which needs to cherished and nourished for the future.

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