Girl with Green Passport

Attabad lake

Men say Pakistani women could not travel alone then I say you don’t know Anum, Watch me !

Travelling is the biggest motivation for me to earn and to live life, I don’t count how much countries I visited but what experiences I had. I wish Pakistani Passport should be as that we don’t have to queue in line to get that.

Anum is promoting tourism in Pakistan, her aim is to motivate girls to travel and to had experience what it feel like, don’t stuck at one place try to explore and get motivated by travelling to live a good life.

Anum is very active on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and youtube, she had shared different travel  vlogs on youtube as well.

Anum writes about herself :

Hi! I am Anam, born & raised in Karachi, Pakistan. I was bitten by travel bug few years ago in 2012 on my first trip abroad to Dubai along with my grad school fellows to study and research on “international retail”. It was then when I realized that if one small city so close to my home could contain such another world and so much charm, what all would be there in the whole wide world. It struck me that there is no point in sticking to one place. And so I started saving. Unfortunately for the next 2 years I was unable to materialize my wish to travel beyond Dubai because of my parent’s cultural notion; what the heck is even single female solo travel?

In 2014, I managed to get thru that barrier & a friend planted the idea of getting US visa to travel for Tomorrowworld. And that is where my adventure started. In 3 years, I’m 20 countries and 35+ cities down, while I am still perusing my full time career in advertising.

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