Travel tips worth remembering if you are backpacking Pakistan

  1. Entry Requirements
  2. Packing Your Bag
  3. Make Several Photocopies of Your Passport
  4. Be Aware Of Frauds and Pick Pockets
  5. Use Public Transport
  6. Staying Healthy In Pakistan
  7. Dress Modestly
  8. Make Photos of All the Places You Visit

If you have
decided to visit Pakistan, don’t lend your ears to what media is beating drums
for. In fact, the truth is far more different. Pakistan is a beautiful place
with rich culture, worthwhile traditions and hospitable people. People out
there are super friendly and don’t forget they are listed among most happy nations
in the world. They will make you laugh and make sure you feel like at home
throughout your stay.Be that as it may, in order to travel safely and comfortably,
consider these tips with a fine tooth comb and get yourself a tremendous tour
of this incredible country. Off you go!

Entry Requirements

If you are
backpacking to Pakistan, you have to follow standard rules and procedures. What
you will be needing is a Visa, a valid passport and a return ticket and that’s
that. Be that as it may, check out for any extra requirement for
your country from the Pakistan embassy inside your country. Once you have gone
through the entry requirements, you are ready to take off. Here you go!

Packing Your Bag

Packing is
the most important thing you need to carefully give a once over to. Pack all
the clothes and necessary items you will be needing on the trip.For this case,
don’t over pack as you might have heard the Spanish proverb “On long journeys,
even a straw weighs heavy”, so consider applying it.

forget to pack your toothbrush and sunblock cream as there is intense sunshine in
the summers. But what if you need to take gifts for your friends out there? Alright,
if you have excess baggage with you that’s more than the limit allowed by your
airline, you can get the services from a well-reputed cargo
from UK to Pakistan
company. There you go!

Make Several Photocopies of Your Passport

Now, this
is the most important thing you need to keep a close eye on. Make multiple
photocopies of all your documents like passport, visa and other travelling
documents. You will be asked several times to get your documents checked and
submitted at police posts if you are travelling to Northern areas especially.
Just make 30 plus photocopies of your visa and passport if you are planning to
visit Northern areas. Yes, you heard it right, I kid you not. 30 copies, Vola.

Be Aware Of Frauds and Pick Pockets

travel with plenty of cash on you. With that, don’t throw much money to beggars
as the scammers and pick pockets can easily smell their pray. Just keeping enough
cash on you will get the job done.One more thing, keep the cash different places on your body
so that in case you lose the money from one place, you can find from the other.
It is recommended not to accept a free ride from the person you are unaware of.

Use Public Transport

Always use
public transport while travelling inside Pakistan as it’s safe and inexpensive
way. Pakistan offers a broad and diverse transportation system.Getting inside
and around Pakistan is super easy. There’re airlines, trains, buses, autos,
taxis; I mean everything is just right there, bang on! If you ask me, use
public transport instead of hiring a taxi because it’s very expensive and the
driver may hide his identity in order to make extra money by taking you to an unknown

If you want
to save a few more bucks, then choose the train instead of buses. Be that as it
may, that does not go for Northern areas. The main source of transportation in
hilly areas is a four wheeler jeep and you have to hire it. Still and all,
travelling around Pakistan is very much trouble free and cheap.

Staying Healthy In Pakistan

Cuisines of
Pakistan are considered one of the most liked ones around the world. The food
of Pakistan is pretty similar to that of India. That means, you will be soaked
up in a spice-packed world. Chicken Biryanis, tikkas and jalebis; whoa. All
these dishes will mesmerize you completely, for sure. Just try each and every
dish of Pakistani cuisine and you would love it. Be that as it may, always eat
freshly cooked food. Don’t eat food from the places open to flies and dirt.
Added to that, always drink bottled water and avoid drinking tap water even if
it looks clean.

planning your trip to Pakistan, pay a visit to your doctor and tell them about
your visit and period of stay. Plus, ask for vaccination and proper medication,
if required. That’s how you will be taking good care of your health in

Dress Modestly

You need to
dress modestly while visiting Pakistan. In big cities like Lahore and
Islamabad, you can wear whatever you want but we recommend to dress adequately.
It’s a good idea to look like locals so consider wearing dresses like locals do
especially if you are a female backpacker. People do stare in Pakistan, well,
the truth hurts. To win yourself a comfortable and exciting tour of Pakistan,
dress moderately.Straight after that, Pakistan is the country with rich culture
and religious believes.

all your body parts and wearing a scarf over your head while visiting mosques,
shrines and holy places is mandatory, in case you are a female tourist.No ifs,
ands, or buts.

Make Photos of All the Places You Visit

forget to pack your camera while arranging your traveling bag. An enthusiastic
camera will help you create record of all the special and exciting moments you
will spend in Pakistan.You will be finding a bunch of beautiful places such as hill
stations, waterfalls, snow falls and holy places, so why not capturing them in
your camera? That’s right in the block hole.

after that, get your family and friends traditional gifts from Pakistan. There
are a lot of items you can take back home from Pakistan. The most famous of
these are dry fruits, handicrafts, sweets, pottery crafts and traditional
dresses and caps.

So, the land of colorful and rich culture & picturesque mountains is calling you right away, off you go!

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