Pir Chinasi Travelogue

Pir Chinasi Shrine

Pir Chinasi house of Saint Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Bukhari located 24 kilometers from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, over the hills and vale, no doubt beautiful meadow on top with one of the classic road as compared to other Areas of Azad Kashmir. Pir Chanasi is at 9500ft from sea level, every year thousands of tourist rush to explore the landscape and to pray at holy shrine. Local community is very tourist friendly, hospitable, simple and nature lovers. Leopard, pheasants and other species of birds found remotely in Jungles. 

Road to Pir Chanasi Azad Kashmir

Saran at 19 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad where AJK Tourism Department constructed a guest house before earthquake is one of the finest location, 4 rooms available for stay.

Saran Top Pir Chinasi
Saran Top At Pir Chinasi

Chacha of Pir Chinasi constructed a small restaurant in Saran where he offers Lassi, Dhoodh Chahye, Pakoras, Samosas and other food Items, on back of the restaurant there are wooden chairs offering sightseeing to Jhelum Valley hills.

Pine trees and the lush greenery signals brain to sooth the whole environment of body, it’s one of the best sensation you have at Pir Chinasi Top.

Road Condition is quite good but you should avoid in heavy rains and try to as slow and careful as Possible even in normal days.

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