Top 7 Places to Visit in Naran & Kaghan Valley

Naran & Kaghan valley is about 240 KM away from Islamabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. The hottest tourist destination for summer holidays, thousands of tourists each year came across this valley to explore its beauty and to enjoy their vacations. Mainly attractions are Shogran, Siri Paye, Kaghan, Naran, Lake Saif-ul-Malook, and Babusar Top, Lulusar lake. For night stay Shogran and Naran are best destinations, various types of hotels available, the nightlife is amazing, horse riding, jeep ride for Siri Paye, and Saif-ul-Malook are available. Naran Kaghan Tour  Packages are available.

7- Shogran 

At 30 kilometers distance from Balakot a hill station, Shogran is famous for its lush greenery, pine forests and panoramic views. Shogran temperature remains about 18 Degree Centigrade during summers. Pine Park Shogran offers best accommodation facilities in Shogran.


Shogran Valley Kaghan

6- Siri Paye

Siri Paye is green carpeted land, covered under clouds and mesmerizing scenery  of snowy mountains. On your tour to Shogran, must visit Siri Paye Meadows and Siri Lake. Road condition from Shogran to Siri Paye is not too good but this place is worth seeing.

Siri Paye Shogran

Siri Paye Shogran

5- Kaghan 

On your tour to Naran Kaghan Valley, you may not found any attraction in Kaghan. There is small market set along Naran road and as such no place to get fascinated. Lalazaar  is a famous tourist attraction but for families, it’s not recommended at all.



4- Naran 

A small town located 120 Kilometers from Mansehra City, while entering to town a giant glacier welcomes you, the valley is set along River Kunhar and stream of Lake Saif ul Malook. Oldest tourist attraction of Pakistan welcomes nearly 1 lac tourist each year from mid-June to mid-November. Main Hotels in Naran are PTDC Naran, Rose Valley Naran, De Manche Naran, Faran Hotel, Pine Park Naran, Naran City Hotel.

3- Saif ul Malook Lake

Alpine glaciers lake is located about 7 Kilometers from Naran Bazaar and is 10,000 ft from sea level. Famous story of Prince of Persia associated with Saif ul Malook Lake and local guide used to tell fairy tales.

Saif ul Malook Lake

2- Babusar Top 

70 Kilometers from Naran a mountain pass at the north connecting Thak Nala with Chilas is also a famous destination while on your tour to Naran Kaghan Valley.


1- Lulusar Lake

A Small Lake at Lulsar-Dudipatsar  National Park.


Top 7 Places to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley

  • Shogran
  • Siri paye
  • Kaghan
  • Naran
  • Saiful Malook Lake
  • Babusar Top 
  • Lulusar Lake

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