K2 Trek Guide

K2 is known as the “Mountain of the Mountains” or the ‘Mountaineer Mountain’. K2 stands 8611m from the base camp to climb K2 you must be able to move quickly at altitude must know ICE & ROCK climbing very well as being able to climb with a heavy rucksack at steep mixed terrain; one must be proficient at high alpinism.


Journey starts from capital city ISLAMABAD and have to travel the bigger part of the 600 mile long Karakoram Highway, THE KKH. A very rough and risky  road being very narrow, the KKH is not a highway but really a jeep track. End of the KKH brings you to Skardu, which is an oasis of sorts. After the searing hot 49 Degree Celcius of Islamabad, Skardu is always cool at around 20 Degree Celcius .

From Skardu an off-road jeep track to the village of Askole. Track from Skardu to Askole is in very bad condition prone to landslide and rockfall mostly dangerous. Sometimes you have to change jeeps in the way to negotiate swollen rivers.


From Askole loads are distributed to the army of porters, who will carry to the base camp.Askole to K2 base camp is about hiking trek of 90KM with no roads, no walkways, nothing expect steep ice and rocks.




Jola is 6-7 Hours trekking from Askole village


The last green spot before the baltoro glacier, the topography we trek through is composed of mighty glaciers, steep mountains with great slopes and Baltoro Glacier

LiliGo 3900m

From Liligo we can see the Trango Towers across

trango towers view from liligo

Trango towers view from liligo


  • Ice Screws
  • Rock Pitons
  • Countless Carabiners
  • Snow Stakes
  • Static Ropes
  • Korean Rope (about 6 KM)
  • Bamboo Stakes
  • Tents
  • Food ( Vinegar, Oil, Toilet Paper, Spaghetti, Sausages, Cheese, Canned Food, Water)
  • Oxygen cylinder

Risk Factor

Harsh weather and massive avalanches from the flanks of the K2 are the biggest risks while trekking to K2.

Baltoro Glacier

is the longest glacier outside the polar region of about 63 Kilometers long and 2 Kilometer wide. Baltoro Glacier is very difficult to cross due to uneven trek and 90 KM per hour Wind speed. Baltoro Glacier is covered with glacier rubble that we call the moraine.Trekking in this terrain wears you out, moving up and down in this hilly glacier surface crossing rivers and camping on the glacier.


After reaching the base camp the really hiking starts from and most of the adventurers not able to make due to the bad weather conditions. Statistically, the south east spur is the most often climbed route for K2.



ICE FALL 5250 m

There is a small but dangerous icefall at the entrance of the spur, although it is quite short, there are frequent ice avalanches in this ICEFALL. A serac piece as big as a house can crush you to oblivion instantly, without warning at all. You can take a fall in one of the many water filled crevasses and get throughly wet!

ICE Fall to Camp 1 it could take 6-7 hours and you are prone to massive avalanches.

Camp 1

House Chimney

is a technical step named after the first man to climb it. It is quite short but in the total verticality you climb 100m including the steep approach to the chimney.

Camp 2

6750m with -25 degree Celcius Temperature

Black Pyramid

Between Camp 2 and Camp 3 a terrain known as black pyramid which is most difficult part of climbing.


Camp 3

From Camp 3 we can easily watch mountains of China, Gasherbrum group,  Broad peak, Baltoro and Godwin Austen glaciers

Camp 4

Bottle Neck 

Climbing bottleneck gully and traversing left at the foot of the 100 meter serac wall to reach the final, summit snow slopes:bottleneck


Summit Snow ICE-RIDGE

This is the most dangerous part where most of the climber got killed





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