Open letter to Pakistan from Young music Students of Gojal

girl musicians at gojal

Pakistani people love the culture and tradition of Gilgit Baltistan and as we know culture seems to be getting shriller by the day and even though the entertainment industry is not focusing on highlighting the versatility of our culture.Music brings joy and soul to the darkest corners of downtown and these young music students training locals to nearly extinct instrumental art.

S.M.Bukhari's Photography

S.M.Bukhari’s Photography

We need to be promoted.

We will do our fair share of promo, but unless you want us to only bring our friends and family (half of which will want to be on the guest list and none of which will return without us), do a little work. Get us on your website calendar (with a picture, mini-bio, and link to our website). Put up our flyer in your cities.

We have fans, but the steady working musician can’t be expected to bring them to every gig. I’m sure there are fans of your venue. Bring them out! What’s more, if you can build a reputation for always having amazing musicians, people won’t even care who is playing. They will show up.

S.M.Bukhari’s Photography

Security and Peace

After the game changer CPEC now the security issue is addressed, we want more and more people to come out for their summer holidays, we want investors to build tour companies, Motels, Restaurants and Tourist Information Centers.We are voluntarily working to preserve the culture and tradition but we need a support from communities of Pakistan.

S.M.Bukhari's Photography

S.M.Bukhari’s Photography

Treat us well and we will be your bards, your court jesters, and your geisha.
Because, remember, when you are counting on word of mouth, we hold the cultural music of Gilgit Baltistan

With Love,

Young music Students of Gojal

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