Saqib Qureshi The Travel Blogger of Pakistan


Saqib Shafiq is the brain behind the responsible travel blog called PakistanTravelGuide. The published blogposts promote eco-tourism as the writer believes that any travel to a natural habitat should be done in such a way that the environment remains protected, and the ecology respected.

An inspirational name in field of travel blogging and travel photography in Pakistan, he is writing since 2011 and travelling different parts of Pakistan. Working as blogger at PakistanTravelGuide, main aim to promote tourism, culture and cuisines of Pakistan.

He alstravel-blogger-of-pakistano focuses on the challenges that local people face, and what travelers could do to understand local culture and traditions better, and support the people. Saqib is very concerned about development issues, and keen to raise awareness among the traveling community.

What he loves the most in traveling is exploring ancient places, and it is his experiences of these historical places that he wishes to convey in his blog. Reading scriptures together with gazing at ancient architecture which are reflections of a rich Pakistani cultural heritage are his passion. The blog is thus the perfect platform for history and culture lovers to gain an in-depth understanding of the most fascinating Pakistani destinations.

He lives for human moments, as it is through the various interactions with the local he meets along the way that he finds his happiness.

Aspired to show the world that traveling can be inexpensive, that working people can travel too, and finally that people you meet have some of the most incredible stories to share and valuable insights to offer.

Few of Pictures of Saqib Qureshi



Tilni waterfall

Picture by Saqib Shafiq of Tilni Waterfall

view of Muzaffarabad

view of Muzaffarabad

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