How could we help Pakistan?

In era of communication and social sharing’s, media is in hand of every single citizen and English is the common writing and understanding tool all over internet. Let’s help Pakistan! How it is possible? Let me discuss.


Write about Pakistan’s inspirational stories, current affairs, political situation, health, entertainment, sports and travel. Bring a positive image of Pakistan and promote your national interests.


Every city of Pakistan had some possessions which are good to share like if you are in Lahore then share monuments, historical places, and cultural things. If you are in Karachi then share sea ports, buildings, hopes, smiling faces. Share beautiful things.

Charity Services:

Work there focuses primarily on enhancing livelihoods, improving access to water and sanitation and responding to emergency situations. Have some time for charity services, organize events to promote hygiene, child welfare, counselling, education and disaster management. Some of Pakistani’s already working on this but every Pakistani should been part of it.


Promote entrepreneurship rather to go for jobs, do what you want and make it profession. Promote local products, go for solutions and manage everything in a better way.


Religious thoughtful:

Study Quran and Hadith so you could understand the true version of Islam. You could decide what is good and what is bad. No other narratives which are bogus could make your minds dirty. Spread religious harmony.

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