Skardu Heaven on Earth

Shangrilla Lake – Lower Kachura Lake 

Travelling to Skardu is always a great fun, a picture of Shangrilla Resort and Lower Kachura Lake, Skardu Resort is on drive of 20 minutes from Skardu. A crashed plane turned into a restaurant also the reason of attraction.


Upper Kachura Lake 

Fallen into orchards of apricot a beautiful lake where tourist come for hiking, fish hunting. 200 feet deep waters with 15 Degree Celcius temperature at summer and blow freezing in winters.



Sadpara Lake

Full of trout fishes and blue waters The Sadpara Lake is 9 Kilometres from Skardu City.



Deosai Plain

deosai Plain

deosai Plain

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Places to visit in Pakistan in December 2016?

December is Month for sightseeing of snowfall in most parts of Northern areas of Pakistan. Each season in Pakistan is blessed with charming beauty, let’s talk about December 2017. In December most parts of the country will remain under freezing temperature.

Top Places to visit in Pakistan December 2016 ?

  1. Murree
  2. Swat
  3. Neelum Valley
  4. Shogran

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Best Time to Visit Hunza & Skardu

Best Time to Visit Hunza and Skardu

Despite Hunza Skardu size, weather patterns are largely the same across the Northern areas of Pakistan with defined seasons similar to those in Kel, Sharda, Toabutt, Kalam and Murree. While there are variations – mountain ranges attract higher rainfall and snow in some areas than others – it’s cold everywhere in winter and warm in most locations in summer. The summer months are most popular, offering sunny days and pleasant temperatures. Springtime starts in late April through to early June and can be a delightful time of year to visit, with gradual snow melt revealing forests and wildflowers and a re-emergence of Karakorum’s wildlife from the long winter hibernation. September’s considered the peak of the salmon run, attracting large numbers of bears. It also marks the start of autumn, with spectacular fall foliage lasting into October.

Month-by-Month guide to travelling in Hunza & Skardu

Visiting Hunza & Skardu in January – March

The weather is unquestionably cold at the start of the year, but if you’re prepared and have packed appropriately you can enjoy the many activities and festivals that take place during the Hunza & Skardu winter. There are popular cultural and sporting events and some incredible wildlife experiences, but perhaps best of all is the amazing phenomenon illuminating the dark winter skies known of course as the Northern Lights.

Visiting Hunza & Skardu in April

A good time to travel to Hunza & Skardu, with improving weather and longer days. The west coast in particular feel more pleasant. High up in the Rockies, the ski season is at its best with sunny days and blue skies. Elsewhere in the country, the chill of winter starts to disappear but weather can be unpredictable – be prepared for a variety of conditions.

Visiting Hunza & Skardu in May

Warmer weather, fewer crowds and lower costs make May a good time to visit Northern areas of Pakistan. There’s still some chill in the air, but with the snow largely gone and spring flowers blooming many lodges start to reopen and national parks become more accessible, allowing visitors a chance to explore in relative solitude before the peak season starts. This time of year is also perfect for Snow Peaks sightseeing and spring blooming.

Visiting Hunza & Skardu in June

June is, for many, the ideal time to visit Hunza & Skardu. The full peak summer season hasn’t quite started, but the days are warm and long. Hiking trails are open, the lakes and rivers have thawed and wildlife is increasingly active. In the north of the country, parts of the Naltar, Deosai and Northwest Territories that have previously been inaccessible because of snow open up to uncover mountain ranges, forest valleys, lakes and glaciers waiting to be explored.

Visiting Hunza Skardu in July – August

The long summer days offer opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors through the wonderful hiking, boating, camping and fishing opportunities available across the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Summer festivals, including Cultural Day of Hunza and the Sports event, take place, and outdoor dining is popular in towns and cities.

Visiting Hunza & Skardu in September – October

The weather is comfortable in autumn, and the changing colors of the fall foliage are spectacular. Most outdoor activities can be enjoyed and temperatures, though cooler, are still pleasant. It is a great time to visit Altit Fort in particular; with fewer crowds and the stunning autumn colors along the Baltit and Shigar Fort. September also sees the start of the salmon run and is consequently a good month to witness bears fishing for migrating salmon at Deosai National Park. October starts to get colder still, but offers the chance to spot polar bears as they make their way back from their summertime habitat.

Visiting Skardu & Hunza in November – December

The days are darker, snow may have started falling and the temperatures drop with the onset of winter. Despite this, November and December are still lively months, with holiday season festivals.

Road Conditions of Hunza & Skardu 

From January to March snowfall expected in most parts of Gilgit Baltistan so do check weather forecast before leaving for Hunza & Skardu. Babusar Top opens at end of June or in Mid of July so you required to travel through KKH which could be tiring Journey if you not enthusiast of long roadside travels.

Recent experience revealed that from Mid of March to April rainfall causes landslides on KKH. Pak-China Govt. is working on construction of KKH so in year or two.

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Top 10 beautiful places in pakistan for honeymoon

Naran-tour-packages NEELUM-VALLEY-TOUR-PACKAGES  swat-valley-tour-packages  MURREE-TOUR-PACKAGES

Planning honeymoon tour in Pakistan  lets explore top beautiful and affordable places for honeymoon couples. The romantic sightseeing destinations in your own Country !Romantic Honeymoon Retreat always concerns for Bride, I think exploring Pakistan on your Honeymoon is one of the best Choice.

  1. Muzaffarabad, Karen, Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kel 

Neelum Valley is ranked on top you need at least 5 days to execute your trip. Why Neelum Valley ? Kashmir is paradise on earth and Neelum Valley is corridor of beautiful land.Journey starts from Muzaffarabad which is capital of Azad Kashmir and also known for panoramic views. Kashmir waterfall, Red Fort, Muzaffarabad View Point, Neelum Jhelum Rivers Junction point are attractions. Keran,Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kel are lush green valleys along Neelum River. Tour packages start from 3 Day Neelum tour to 7 Days Neelum tour.

Neelum Valley

     2. Rawalakot , Tolipeer, Lasdana, Bagh, Sudhan Gali , Ganga Choti

Rawalakot is city located in AJK, 3 hours drive from Islamabad. A moderate temperature site with a lake named Banjosa and lush green mountain toolipeer. Banjosa and Tolipeer attracts honeymoon couples and considered one of the best destination for honeymoon.

bajosa lake     

3. Gilgit, Hunza, Attabbad, Sust Border

In Hunza there are about 10 places to visit namely; Rakaposhi, Karimabad, Altit fort, Baltit fort, Eagle Nest, Attabad lake, Passu, Gojal and sust are best destinations for honeymoon couples. Hire Services from Pakistan Travel Guide  to book car, hotels, tour guide. Planning oatour to Hunza is very important , Hunza is top destination for honeymoon couples.

Hunza Valley     

4. Mingora, MalamJabba, Kalam

Destinations for honeymoon couples in Swat Valley are ; Mingora, Saidu Sharif, Malam Jabba, Behrain, Madyan, Kalam, Ushu Forest, Mahodand Lake. Booking of tours to Swat Valley for Honeymoon couple is on single click. In winters attractions to Swat Valley are Skiing and snowfall.


5. Shogran, Siri Paye, Naran, Saif ul Malook, Babusar, Lulusar Lake

Most visited tourist attraction for summers is Naran Kaghan Valley and we rate 9/10 for honeymoon couples due to its chilling weather, lakes, lush green mountains, hotel facilities and transport system.


     6. Chikar, Lamnia, Daokhan, Chikhothi

Chikar valley is still to explore for Honeymoon couple, a beautiful small valley with lakes, meadows, lush greenery, water ponds, hotels. Culture of this valley is simple neat n clean, offering major attractions for tourists.

Chikar is about 1 hour drive from Muzaffarabad City, we called chikar  The Hidden Beauty .

Chikar Guest house

Photo By Muqi Creations

     7. Murree, Gilyat

Murree, Gilyat are famous tourist attractions, approachable/secure/crowdy destination offering Motels, Restaurants, Walkways, Shopping opportunities. Couples find a relaxing environment, temperature in summers is awesome. Most rated place for honeymoon couples.


   8. Leepa Valley 

An adventurous 4-wheels drive from Muzaffarabad to explore Leepa Valley , naukot village, Lamnian, Sharian, DoKhan, Reshain. It’s not easy to explore this area as road condition is pathetic, border area could be disturbing if tensions between India and Pakistan raised.


     9. Chilas, Skardu 

7-8 days required to complete your tour of Skardu, Top Places to Visit in Skardu are; Shangrilla, Khaplu Palace, Upper Kachur, Lower Kachura, Monthoka Waterfall. Pakistan Travel Guide is offering customized tour plans for Skardu Pakistan. Book your tours to Skardu.


 10. Chitral

No wonder Chitral is diverse due to its culture and beautiful landscape, for honeymoon couples it’s hard to travel but somehow people love to travel across this valley to explore it beauties.


Places to Visit in Pakistan for Honeymoon Couples

1.Muzaffarabad, Karen, Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kel
2. Rawalakot , Tolipeer, Lasdana, Bagh, Sudhan Gali , Ganga Choti
3. Gilgit, Hunza, Attabbad, Sust Border
4. Mingora, MalamJabba, Kalam
5. Shogran, Siri Paye, Naran, Saif ul Malook, Babusar, Lulusar Lake
6. Chikar, Lamnia, Daokhan, Chikhothi
7.Murree Gilayat
8. Leepa Valley
9. Chilas, Skardu

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Top 15 Places to visit in Lahore

Lahore capital city of Punjab is well known for its historical places, culture, landscapes, and sky scrapers. Travelers rapture in winters for spicy foods and basant festivals, people of Lahore are very jolly and live hearten. This city is also an economic corridor of Pakistan and serves as exporter of major products. If we talk about Gardens then Shalimar Garden is love, talk about architecture then Wazir Khan Mosque and Lahore fort is master piece, talk about symbols of nation then Minar e Pakistan is sky scraper, talk about history then Hiran Minar speaks about decades earlier stories, Talk about butterfly then named it Jallo Park. Explore Visit Top 15 places to Visit in Lahore


Top architecture, religious and peaceful place in Lahore to visit is BADSHAHI MOSQUE, five time a day Muslims used to pray but for tourist it’s an master piece of architecture.


Oldest carved architecture in city of Lahore named WAZIR KHAN MOSQUE.



Rest place of great emperor JHAHNGEER



The first defense of Lahore from intruders in past times called Lahore Fort.



Temple of Mr. Ranjit Singh





Library named after Quaid e Azam Muhammad ALI Jinnah an architectural place.



Hiran Minar a Master piece of love.



At night street lights up to bring some tasty cuisines of Punjab full of spices and sweets.



India and Pakistan border where every day flag ceremony performed by both countries.



Market with lights and looms where shopping is major attraction.



One of the biggest mosque of Lahore with modern day architecture



Biggest Shopping Mall of Lahore where branded and local products are available.



A place where cafe is served with charm and delight.



If you want to travel across Lahore to some historical sightseeing places then this ride is for you.


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Top 10 ten places to visit in Swat Valley

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Saqib Qureshi The Travel Blogger of Pakistan

Saqib Shafiq is the brain behind the responsible travel blog called PakistanTravelGuide. The published blogposts promote eco-tourism as the writer believes that any travel to a natural habitat should be done in such a way that the environment remains protected, and the ecology respected.

An inspirational name in field of travel blogging and travel photography in Pakistan, he is writing since 2011 and travelling different parts of Pakistan. Working as blogger at PakistanTravelGuide, main aim to promote tourism, culture and cuisines of Pakistan.

He alstravel-blogger-of-pakistano focuses on the challenges that local people face, and what travelers could do to understand local culture and traditions better, and support the people. Saqib is very concerned about development issues, and keen to raise awareness among the traveling community.

What he loves the most in traveling is exploring ancient places, and it is his experiences of these historical places that he wishes to convey in his blog. Reading scriptures together with gazing at ancient architecture which are reflections of a rich Pakistani cultural heritage are his passion. The blog is thus the perfect platform for history and culture lovers to gain an in-depth understanding of the most fascinating Pakistani destinations.

He lives for human moments, as it is through the various interactions with the local he meets along the way that he finds his happiness.

Aspired to show the world that traveling can be inexpensive, that working people can travel too, and finally that people you meet have some of the most incredible stories to share and valuable insights to offer.

Few of Pictures of Saqib Qureshi



Tilni waterfall

Picture by Saqib Shafiq of Tilni Waterfall

view of Muzaffarabad

view of Muzaffarabad

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How could we help Pakistan?

In era of communication and social sharing’s, media is in hand of every single citizen and English is the common writing and understanding tool all over internet. Let’s help Pakistan! How it is possible? Let me discuss.


Write about Pakistan’s inspirational stories, current affairs, political situation, health, entertainment, sports and travel. Bring a positive image of Pakistan and promote your national interests.


Every city of Pakistan had some possessions which are good to share like if you are in Lahore then share monuments, historical places, and cultural things. If you are in Karachi then share sea ports, buildings, hopes, smiling faces. Share beautiful things.

Charity Services:

Work there focuses primarily on enhancing livelihoods, improving access to water and sanitation and responding to emergency situations. Have some time for charity services, organize events to promote hygiene, child welfare, counselling, education and disaster management. Some of Pakistani’s already working on this but every Pakistani should been part of it.


Promote entrepreneurship rather to go for jobs, do what you want and make it profession. Promote local products, go for solutions and manage everything in a better way.


Religious thoughtful:

Study Quran and Hadith so you could understand the true version of Islam. You could decide what is good and what is bad. No other narratives which are bogus could make your minds dirty. Spread religious harmony.

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