Why Banjosa Lake is good and worst for Tourists?

Banjosa is just on 18 kilometers drive from Rawalakot City, Weather of Banjosa is Moderate in summers and freezing in winters. Thousands of tourists every year rush to visit it. Here are some reasons why Banjosa Lake is good and bad as well?

  1. Lush Greenery on Sides of Banjosa

You will find the greenery everywhere on sides of Banjosa Lake. Tourist used to sit there and enjoy their meals and scenic lake beauty.banjosa_beautiful

2. Weather of Banjosa

Weather of Banjosa is very pleasant, in a hot day you will find the fragranced cool breezes and temperature round about 20 degree Celsius.

banjosa _lake

  1. Boating and Children playing Area

Tourists love to ride boat at Banjosa Lake which is the fascination.



Worst Part of Banjosa Lake?

  1. Bad Road Conditions

8 Kilometers road pathway is in worst condition. Patches are unpaved and the link road of Banjosa Lake is wretched.banjosa_road conditions

2. Destruction

On left side of lake debris highlights the war zone area.banjosa_war_zone

     3. Disposable Wastage

You will find disposable bottles, plates everywhere. No one cares that wastage is destroying the beauty of lake.

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