Muzaffarabad the little majestic beauty of Kashmir

I am citizen of Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Kashmir.  I love to travel across Pakistan/Kashmir. I had seen remote villages of AJK but the beauty of Muzaffarabad makes me feel endearing. Last weekend I set my way to capture the mountainous ranges along city of Muzaffarabad covered by clouds, what I found the mighty formations of clouds on top of mountainous ranges, the dewy rain pebbles and soul touching cold breezes. I am sharing my experiences with people who love to travel and want to enjoy the little moments of their life.  Just after 10 minutes drive from Muzaffarabad city you will start viewing below captured scenes.

Muzaffarabad City

View of Muzaffarabad

Clouds forming in that manner where mountains and city hided somewhere beneath it.

muzaffarabad under cloud

After the rain, clouds started disappearing and asked sun to light up crystal clear mountains, city landmarks and rainbows.


Muzaffarabad was destroyed in 2005 earthquake, it’s 11 years old story but still Muzaffarabad city is under development. You may not found the streets well paved , sanitary system good enough, landmarks and historical places well preserved but the city is still well renowned due to panoramic views.



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