There are so many places in Skardu, which are worth visiting. Some of them are as under;

  1. Kharpocho Fort / Skardu Fort:

There are many archaeological sites found in the Northern Areas, particularly in Skardu and Kharpocho Fort is one of them. It is built by Maqpon Bugha (1490-1515 A.D) but the Mughal historians refer it to the great Ali Sher Khan Anchan (1560-1625 A.D). The fort stands on the bank of River Indus in the Skardu and the city can be viewed from the fort. The fort is illuminated at night and it seems as if the olden days get revived. Some observations about this fort have been found in the Imperial Gazetteer of British India, which state that this was one of the most famous of the Gralpos (Monarchs of Skardu), Ali Sher Khan, who ruled over the region till the end of the 16th century, conquered Ladakh and Skardu; and he built a fort at Skardu.

View from Kharpocho fort

  1. Mindoq Khar:

This is a palace, built by Gul Khatoon or Mindoq Gialmo, on the hills where only the Kharfocho Fort could be found. The palace was named after the queen as ‘Mindoq Khar’ meaning the ‘Flower Palace’. The Palace was destroyed by the troops of the Sikh ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Gulab Singh, during his invasion to Skardu, in 1840 AD.

Mindoq khar

  1. Hilal Bagh:


Hilal Bagh (Crescent Garden) was located near the Mindoq Khar (Flower) Palace, where there was once stood a terraced garden with marbled fountains. The Royal Garden scattered at the areas from Mindoq Khan to the present bazar in Skardu. The palace was destroyed by the great floods in the area.

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  1. Chahar Bagh:


Chahar Bagh was located on the site, where now the building of a Girls College stands tall. The said garden was constructed on the orders of the Queen, when her husband went to Gilgit and Chitral.

(The mother-tongue of the Queen was Persian, so she gave Persian name to the gardens)

  1. Shangri-la Resorts:

Shangri-la is located just 35 minutes away from Skardu. The resort is built along a beautiful lake, which is surrounded by the most enchanting and splendid scenic beauty. One may stay here, take a boat ride or trekking to the hills nearby.

shangri La Resorts

  1. Buddhist Rock:


This is the only remaining Buddhist Rock, with rock carvings, located on the Satpara road in the Skardu. The rock carvings and images of Buddha are dated back to the period of Great Tibetan Empire, when the people migrated from Tibet to present day Northern Areas of Pakistan. They settled here temporarily and carved drawings of Stupas, scenes of their experiences and images of Buddha with Kharoshti language transcript. There were a number of such Buddhist rock carvings in the Skardu Valley. The sculpture of Buddha and his disciples are 2000 years old. It was a place of worship for Buddhists till the mid of 14th century A.D. There are scriptures of Buddha o the Rock.

Buddhist Rock

  1. Nansoq Village:

Nansoq Village is located behind the famous Kharpocho Fort. It has been developed into an Organic Village through Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP). The village is visited by many famous personalities including Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and His Highness Aga Khan.

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Lakes in Skardu City

  1. Kachura Lake:


Kachura Lake is 32 kilometres (20 miles) away from Skardu. It takes two hours by jeep, to reach the shimmering waters of the Kachura Lake. During spring season, the banks of the lake are adorned by colorful flowers, while the trees are full of peach, apricot and apples. The lake offers a great opportunity of fishing, i.e., trout fishing .

kachura lake

  1. Sadpara Lake:

Sadpara (Satpara) Lake is located 8 kilometres (5 miles), in the South of Skardu and takes just 20 minutes by jeep to get there. It is surrounded by high mountains. The lake has an island in the mid of its clear water, which can be reached by a boat. The lake is ideal for fishing and a home of wild birds migrated from Siberia.

sadpara lake


  1. Upper Kachura Lake:


It is located ten kilometres upward of main Kachura Lake. It is reached by a Jeep road, yet a car can also be driven on it. It is a hidden lake and suitable for boating.
upper kachura lake
Naqposo and Jarbaso Lakes are also located in the region.

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