How technology reforming tourism in Pakistan

Over the past ten years, the tourism sector has grown to become a pillar of the Pakistan economy, driven by political cooperation, social change and far – reaching advances in technology; both in communications and infrastructure.
This article looks at some of the major issues related to technology, innovation and their impact on domestic tourism as a whole.

The Process of Traveler’s Booking System.

How Online Booking Companies working in Pakistan ?

  • Online Setup Like Website
  • Online Marketing via (GoogleFacebook, Twitter,etc )
  • Tourist Stations Ground work

Among the cyclical succession of symbolic terms that have become part of global tourism discourse, ‘innovation’ and ‘technological change’ have started to occupy a privileged place and it is highly likely that they are here to stay.
It is not surprising, since both are central to improving business and destination competitiveness and as such, to improving the tourist’s experience.

The advances in connectivity and processing power that have been made in ICT in recent years are undeniable. It is also true that the expansion of broadband is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century which, once it has been overcome, will bring an end to the ‘plague of distance’ which exists in many parts of the world. This will bring us closer to becoming the more equal and cohesive society that we dream of, in which access to the Internet really does become a citizen’s right and which contributes to democratization and to widening the horizons of citizen participation.

At the same time the ‘smart world’ in which we live whose landscape –albeit in a permanent process of evolution is becoming friendlier, offering clearer, solutions which serve to reduce time and money and opening new paths towards the personalization of products and services.
The world in which we live – in spite of its many inequalities – offers an immense space to increase travel, since many barriers which used to prevent or slow global travel are gradually falling.

Today, tourism activity is increasingly being shaped by price comparison and combination technology; new applications for mobiles that offer a wide range of opportunities are being developed; social networks are consolidating themselves within a more transparent market in which citizens are able to provide services together; changes in the concept of the value chain are producing new business models. In short, change is becoming more obvious and constant, just like the opportunities that it is creating.
For tourism, the there are multiple challenges
To understand the main trends that are affecting supply and demand.To manage change in the external environment while evolving at the same rate. Improve the capacity for tourism organizations to respond to demand through policies that better integrate diverse interests, taking into account the whole range of a destination’s potential.

In the end, we have no other choice but to understand and manage change, and implement the innovation that comes as a result of cultural change. We must commit ourselves to ensuring that change helps to build a better, more accessible, more inclusive, more creative, more ambitious, tourism that is founded in a firm belief in ethics and social cohesion. As a result, tourism will long continue to be an activity of dreams and of social opportunities.

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