Why Neelum valley trending more then Swat/Naran/Skardu/Murree ?

Pakistan Travel Guide analyzes data of tourists, which part of Northern areas is more trending for summer vacations, we manage hundreds of tours and analyzed that Neelum Valley is one of best tourist destination for summers.

Reasons of tourist trends for Neelum Valley

1. Cheap accommodations

If we compare Neelum Valley with Naran KPK  then the prices are like as;

Hotel rates in June-August at NARAN  PKR 5000/- to 25000/-

Hotel rates in June-August at Neelum Valley PKR 1500/- to 5000/-

 2.  Easily Approachable

Neelum Valley is easily approachable , road conditions are good, you need 6 to 5 days to explore complete Neelum Valley, AJK tourism offer guidelines for tourists about routes/tourist huts/food restaurants. Naran opens for very little period of time and you don’t had much to explore as compared to Neelum Valley. 3 days are more then enough for visiting complete Naran Valley.

3. More Lakes then Naran

Neelum Valley blessed with 200 plus lakes but Naran had only one lake approachable named Saiful Malook, Neelum Valley lakes are far more beautiful and unexplored. RattiGali Lake is one of the famous lake of Neelum Valley just like Saif ul Malook Lake.

 4. Lush Greenery

Lush Greenery over the neelum river makes the valley more beautiful as compared to Naran and Swat.

5. Security 

Security is one of the biggest factor of tourist rush towards Neelum Valley, as media highlights taliban issues at Swat, Hunza route security issues, Naran Kaghan Glacier Issues.


Disclaimer : This opinion could be right or wrong, it’s based on trends we are having from tourists each year.

Comment List

  • zeeshan 03 / 08 / 2016

    It is very nice info. but i am confused if it is Easily Approachable? i heard you need 4×4 to explore nelum valley. I am planning this tour but i only have 3 days time including travelling. i will travel from islamabad-muree-muzaffarabad and so on….i dont know how far i can go on my own car and then where to leave my car safely and go on jeep.

  • Hisan Mahmood 20 / 08 / 2016

    yes definitely you need 4×4 to explore neelam valley, but just few spots, which are Taobat, Shounter Valley (Chitta Khatta Lake), Ratti gali lake, arang kel, halmat sardari village.
    you can cover more than 60% of valley on your car

    you can go from muzaffarabad to kel on your car, no need of any 4×4. but you have to be a perfect driver because of tight turns.

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