Snowfall after 11 years at Muzaffarabad

snowfall at muzaffarabad 2016

Pic Credit :: pearl Continental Muzaffarabad

It was about 11 years ago in 2005/06 when citizens of Muzaffarabad enjoyed snowfall at Muzaffarabad, yesterday rainfall started in northern areas of Pakistan at Islamabad, Murree, Naran, Gilgat, Skardu, Kashmir but no one was expecting snowfall at capital city of Azad Kashmir, everyone wakeup today early in morning and found snow falling in Muzaffarabad, it was an amazing experience and citizens of Muzaffarabad enjoyed that moment.

Everyone updated their status on facebook , uploaded videos and enjoyed their inner feeling for snowfall. Thanks to Almighty ALLAH for blessing of snowfall which gives a cheerful experience for this year.

People of Muzaffarabad today planning to visit peer chanasi, pokaras shop , hot cup of tea  and to gossips with friends about snowfall.

Some of waiting for sun to rise and watch incredible scenes of snow covered mountains all around Muzaffarabad, this is ideal time to plan a tour for Muzaffarabad via PakistanTravelGuide from their  list of tour packages. This time is ideal for photography lovers as scenes are awesome. It is 11:36 AM dated 11/02/2016 and still snow is falling around Muzaffarabad and everyone loving it.

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