coaster rent for swat from Islamabad/Lahore

Rent a Coaster Swat from Islamabad

Coaster rent at Discounted rates

Fares of Coaster From Islamabad / Lahore

Coaster Type  Rent from Islamabad – Swat Rent from Lahore – Swat
Coaster Simple Lahore / Islamabad  PKR 9000/- Per Day  PKR10000/- Per Day
Coaster 4C Saloon PKR 10000/- PKR 12000/-
Coaster New Shape New Model PKR 12000/- PKR 13500/-


  • Driver of Coaster
  • Rent of Coaster Per Day

Not Include:

  • Toll Taxes
  • Driver Accommodation + Food
  • Fuel Charges.

We are offering Coasters for Swat Valley/Mingora from Lahore and Islamabad, Rent of Coasters are very reasonable as compared to Market. We

offer old and new models of coasters from Lahore and Islamabad.

We also offer our customers Hotel bookings in Swat Valley, Sightseeing, Hiking Tours. Book your Coaster for Swat Valley from Us.

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coaster rent for neelum valley from islamabad/Lahore/

We are offering Coasters for Neelum Valley from Lahore and Islamabad, Rent of Coasters are very reasonable as compared to Market. We offer old and new models of  coasters from Lahore and Islamabad.

Fares for Neelum Valley From Islamabad

Toyota Coaster Saloon : PKR 9000/-

Toyota Coaster Old Shape : PKR 8000/-

We also offer our customers Hotel bookings in Neelum Valley, Sightseeing, Hiking Tours. Book your Coaster for Neelum Valley from Us.

Call 0300-5772942


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Chitta Katha Lake trek Guide

Chitta katha lake is second beautiful lake of Azad Kashmir and of Neelum valley as well , it’s elevation is about 13500 feet from sea level.

Pakistan Travel Guide is offering tour packages to Chitta Katha Lake via jeep bookings from kel to base camp of Chitta Katha Lake. It’s called chitta katha lake because of it’s white color due to some chemical combinations.

We offer complete Neelum Valley lake tour packages with lake and trek guide + jeep bookings.

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Chitta Katha means White Stream; it is the local name of the stream coming down from the Hari Parbat (pictured in the background), which originates from the lake named Chitta Katha Sar. This Mountain is sacred for some people who relate it to Lord Shiva and consider it as the abode of the Lord.

Chitta Khata Lake

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Ratti Gali Trek Guide

Ratti Gali Lake is  Glacial lake and one of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan, It’s located in Azad Kashmir’s district named Neelum Valley.

Route to Rati Gali Lake : From Muzaffarabad to Keran it’s 3 hours drive and then the next station you will find is dowarian. From Dowarian to RattiGali it’s 19 kilometers trek and very beautiful which is of jeep track.

Base Camp of RattiGali Lake is 3 kilometers from RatiGali Lake , where we had one Tent village at Ratti Gali Lake, From Base camp to Ratti Gali is pedestrian trek.

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Ratti Gali Travel Guide

RattiGali surface elevation is about 12,130 feet and it’s residence time is July to August or Sometimes till September easily approachable. The Ratti Gali Lake is an alpine glacial lake which is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. Last year AJK tourism opens road to Ratti Gali till base camp after then RattiGali Lake is just 30 Minutes hike and Pakistan Travel Guide had a base camp.

We are offering day tour from Keran & Dowarian to RattiGali, the real fascination in Neelum Valley is RattiGali because now it’s approachable and worth seeing place. Book your travel guide from us for ratti gali.

How to Plan RattiGali Lake  Tour from Karachi ?

If you are planning Ratti Gali Lake tour and you are in Karachi we could make your trip easier for you.

Karachi to Neelum Valley Travel Guide :

Mode of Travels from Neelum Valley from Karachi :

=> By Air => Green Line Train => By Road

We offer bookings of Air Line tickets from karachi to Islamabad , book your tickets atleast one month ago in order to save your money.


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Three Best Hotels of Neelum Valley

On a vacations/holidays planning a tour and finding a hotel is most important task, Neelum Valley is famous tourist attraction in Pakistan, every year thousands of tourists visit Neelum Valley. Famous tourist’s attractions in Neelum Valley are Muzaffarabad, Kutton, Keran, Sharda, Kel, Toabutt. In summers it’s important to book hotels in advance for Neelum Valley tour, we are helping you to find best hotels of Neelum Valley.

  1. Kutton Jagran Resort

Kutton Jagran Resort consists of Bachelor and Family Cottages  and it’s one of the best accommodation in Kutton Neelum Valley. With respect to family and friends it’s worthy place to live at.

Kutton Jagran Resort

2. State Continental Guest Houses

Second reasonable place to live in Neelum Valley is Guest Houses of State Continental, you will find the quality services, continental and Pakistani food, Security. We offer discount on booking of State Continental Kutton from Us.

State Continental Sharda Bookings

3. Musk Deer Resort Arrang Kel

Arrang Kel is Heaven of Kashmir, a Green Ground field of about six football stadium and most fascinating tourist attraction of Kashmir. Book your tour of Neelum Valley and had a Stay at Musk Deer Resort Arrang Kel.

arrang kel

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Chikar Azad Kashmir

A small Town in Azad kashmir “Chikar”.

Chikar is a beautiful lush Greenland situated near capital of Azad Kashmir named Muzaffarabad. It’s a small town with mild temperature in summer and very famous tourist’s attraction blessed with streams and springs. Local community of Chikar is very generous, loving, caring and welcoming to tourist. Government Tourist resort is constructed to facilitate tourists.

We offer tours to Chikar, Sudhan Gali, Ganga Choti and bringing more and more tourists to valley of Chikar. We are hoping in next five years Chikar will be a famous tourist spot for domestic tourists.

In Chikar there is a big market available for purchasing household items.

Hiking towards mountains is one of the big attraction.

  • 45 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad
  • 2 Guest Houses available
  • Places for family and Group tour packages
  • Mild temperature in Summer

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