Five Places to Visit on tour of Muzaffarabad

1. Peer Chanasi / Pir Chanasi

Peer Chanasi/ Pir Chanasi is famous for a shrine of Pir Chanas who stayed there and buried on top of hill, it’s panoramic view mountain where from one can see Neelum Valley, Jhelum Valley , Abbottabad Mountains. Temperature of Peer Chanasi is moderate in summer while in winter it’s snowy and freezing upto -20 degree Centigrade. Every Year thousands of tourists visit peer chanasi some were in search of chilly weather and some were to visit tomb of Peer Chanas. Night view of Muzaffarabad city could be seen from PTDC / AJK tourism Guest House Peer Chanasi.
Some Notable things of Peer Chanasi.

Temperature in Summer : 15 – 20 degree Centigrade
Sightseeing: Panoramic Views, Temperature, Peer Chanas Tomb, Cloud Touching hills.
Confrontational things: Direct Sunlight could burn your skin.
Distance from Muzaffarabad: 35 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad about 1:30:00 hours.

Peer Chanasi Azad Kashmir
2. Shaheed Gali

Shaheed Gali is one of the most attractive spot in Muzaffarabad and just opposite to Peer Chanasi Peak and famous for its cool weather and dense forest. When I Muzaffarabad temperature raises upto 38 degree Centigrade then the temperature of Shaheed Gali remain upto 22-26 Degree Centigrade. Local population of Shaheed Gali had very simple living standard which admires most of the tourist coming from Pakistan

Temperature in Summer: 15-25 Degree Centigrade
Sightseeing: Local villages, Mountain Views, Cloudy weather
Confrontational things: Not much.
Distance from Muzaffarabad: 15 kilometers from Muzaffarabad about 1 hour drive.

Shaheed Gali Muzaffarabad

3. Kashmir Waterfall Dulai
Kashmir Waterfall is famous spot in Muzaffarabad due to waterfall and had to cross river to reach it, basically this waterfall is in Kyber Pakhtunkhawa KPK but the only way to approach is from side of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. One dhabba is created there for tourist where from one could get PAKORAS, SAMOSAS, TROUT FISH. Tire tubes are used to swimming pools.

Temperature in Summer: 25-35 Degree Centigrade
Sightseeing: Water and Swimming pool.
Confrontational things: River flows nearby and kids should be taken with care.
Distance from Muzaffarabad: 20 Kilometers.

kashmir Waterfall Muzaffarabad

4. Village View Restaurant Muzaffarabad

Famous for Desi Foods like (Sabzi, Makai ki roti, Lassi ka Glass) and a joyland for children. Situated on bank of Jhelum River, landscaped like a village theme. Very good place for corporate tours / Family tours /Honeymoon tours and for team building activities.

Temperature in Summer: 25-35 Degree Centigrade
Sightseeing: Village Theme and Desi Food
Confrontational things: River flows nearby and kids should be taken with care.
Distance from Muzaffarabad: 5 Kilometers.

5. Cultural Heritage Places
About 100 years ago Muzaffarabad was the shahi Dynasty and had very rich Kashmiri culture. Some of ruins of the shahi dynasty still exists like Red fort Muzaffarabad, Kashmiri Wazwan Food places, Kashmir Kulcha ( Bakry Item) , Kashmiri Handicrafts ( Shawls, Rugs, Wooden Crafts, Paper Work). is also helping local artisans to sale their products online.


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Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land blessed with enormously rich historical heritage, diverse culture, high adventure, and unmatched natural beauty. From the relics of famous Civilizations of Gandhara and Indus to gigantic icy peaks, lush green valleys, meadows and lakes of crystal clear waters, we offer a unique and contrasted destination to behold the caravan of mankind across ages and precious beauties of nature, to the tourists of the world.

Promoted Places for Tourism in Pakistan

-> Neelum Valley

-> Naran Kaghan

-> Deosai

-> Hunza

-> Skardu

-> Gilgat

-> Murree

Tourism in pakistan

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ptdc motels in neelum valley

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In Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley , we have AJK Tourism Guest Houses

1. AJK Guest house Muzaffarabad

2. AJK tourism Guest house Keran

3. AJK tourism Guest house Kutton

4. AJK tourism Guest house Sharda

5. AJK tourism Guest house Kel

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Neelum View Hotel Muzaffarabad

Neelum View Hotel Muzaffarabad is situated near Red Fort Muzaffarabad on the bank of Neelum river. It’s one of the best hotel in Muzaffarabad with Marriage Hall, Restaurant and fully furnished rooms.

No. of rooms : 17 fully furnished rooms are availabe

Parking: Available

Restaurant: Available

Wifi: Available

View: River View

Recreational Activities : Available

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Naran Kaghan Tour Guide

A small town called Naran is most famous tourist attraction, every year millions of tourist gaze around this beautiful town. PakistanTravelGuide offers you tour guide of Naran, Kaghan Valley covering Rivers, Lakes, Plateau, Lush greenery, Trekking, Holiday vacations.

Naran (Urdu: ناران ‎) is a medium sized town in upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of the Pakistan. It is located 119 kilometers (74 mi) from Mansehra city at the altitude of 8,202 feet (2,500 m).

Naran is one of the most scenic town in Pakistan, attracting thousands of tourists, trekkers, photographers and nature-enthusiast, every year. The Kunhar River, swollen by glacier melt, passes through this town as it meanders its way through the valley

Kunhar river in Naran during the month of June as viewed from PTDC motel
Naran can be considered as base station to scenic destinations like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley.

Naran Kaghan tour guide

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